Sunday, April 23, 2017

We Used To Have Block Parties

Here is the newest visitor to my neighborhood.  We have NEVER had a Red Headed Woodpecker visit our feeders...ever.  Now I hear him in the trees somewhere and he comes to visit all day long.  Now I proudly feed a variety of woodpeckers including Woody, Downy, Red Breasted and Read Headed.  Every visitor is a Blessing from Mother Nature.

One of my blog friends Dawn  posted this morning about one of her neighbors.  We moved in our house in 1976.  The neighborhood is 3 blocks by 3 blocks and most of Terry's family lives within the nine blocks.  Children of those that lived here when we moved in tend to find a house in the neighborhood when they leave the nest. At one time, my daughter fulfilled her dream of buying the house next door to us.

Back when we first moved in, we already knew some of the people that lived here.  Most were our age, but we did have some neighbors that were the older generation.  We used to have Block Parties a couple of times a month.  Really, someone had a party and most of the neighborhood came.  It was always Bring You Own Bottle, liquor or pop, and something for the grill or a dish to share.  Those parties happened for about 7 years.  We were a really close group of friends.  I don't know why the parties ever stopped.  I suppose some of our friends moved on.

This is still a pretty good neighborhood.  Some of the kids Laurie grew up with still live here.  Even some of THEIR kids stayed in the neighborhood when they flew the nest.  Here and there a house has gone to rental and the tenants lack concern for others that live here.  Loud cars and loud music.  We've even had a meth lab that was busted.  It is a different world today and I do miss the neighborhood as it was back in '76.

My grandson moved out last week.  New truck and new apartment.  If it weren't for the dogs we'd be empty nesters, lol.  I am enjoying a slower pace...a lot.

Today I am grateful that my grandson is able to earn a living that is sufficient to support himself.

What kind of neighborhood do you live in?  Are you friendly with your neighbors of just wavers?


  1. We have a lot of woodpeckers also, and I thought they were all redheaded because they had red on their heads. But I learned the red bellied woodpecker has no red on its belly just a bit on its head. So now I don't know what kind we have. But we also hear them in the trees. We had to cut down one tree because it was too close to the house and a woodpecker hollowed it out. Eventually it was weakened. I love them as long as they stay away from the house. LOL. No block parties here, our houses are a little further apart, I guess. Nice that you have the memories and that they lasted for awhile. Eventually everything changes though. Just discovered speech to text on my iPad, perfect for one hand being out of operation.

  2. I too miss the times where neighbors had block parties and coffee clutches. Where kids grew up together and life just seemed happier. I live on a street where I know who my neighbors and we speak once in awhile but there is no connection with them. With that said we look out for each other. If something is going on we are there for one another then we go back to our lives. Hope you are feeling well I light a candle for you everyday. Hugs N

  3. We have met a few.....some we wave ... some we stop and chat... but no block Most people these days just don't want to include their neighbors in their circle of friends...not sure why... but thankfully we have one neighbor that we consider friends and that helps.. Hugs! deb

  4. We live in the sticks lol. My good friend and neighbor lives about a mile away. We did have some obnoxious neighbors once but they were evicted for non pzyment of taxes and our good neighbors bought their land......thank goodness.

  5. I live in the city in a condo building. We say "Hi, how are you?" when we see one another on the elevator. Sometimes we talk about the weather......that's it. Everyone is off to their jobs or the grocery store. When I move out to Arizona it will be different. I often wonder if i will know how to talk to the neighbors.......

  6. My neighbors are friendly and greet me when I see them. I am the only foreigner so I think they are curious about me and why I am here.
    How exciting to see that woodpecker.

  7. The red-headed woodpecker is the only kind of woodpecker I get at my feeder.

    We have very friendly neighbors...lots of walkers, bikers, wavers and friends.

  8. Back in India, everyone knew everyone else and would stop and chat for a few minutes when we meet.Life is different in Germany. Everyone just wishes a "Hallo" or "Morgen" and pass by. It appears that here people take a long time to include a newcomer in their friends list.

  9. I love your woodpecker! We have nothing nearly so exotic. He looks so cheerful with his red head. The bottom right photo looks like he's posing for his picture to be taken!
    We only have a couple of neighbours and we mostly just wave but now and again we have longer chats and keep an eye on each others houses if we're away etc. In 1976, however, I was 10 and I lived in a small town and everyone literally knew everyone else. All my friends and relations were within walking distance. Unfortunately, my generation were priced out of the area by commuters from London and although my parents still live there, there is no one else I know there now. A similar displacement of people has happened over the last thirty years throughout most of England. It's very sad and I actually think a lot of social problems have been caused by the loss of communities that has followed spiralling housing costs and everyone working long and irregular hours.
    Luckily, after that depressing thought, I just remembered I should say something I'm grateful for. I'm very, very grateful to be surrounded by countryside. I love to look out and see the fields and the sky and watch the birds coming and going...

  10. We live in a neighborhood that is just recently changing. When we moved in 12 years ago it was mostly populated by the over 60 crowd (us included). It was active with a book club and 'lunch bunch'. Along the way the book club ended. There is still Lunch Bunch. Our neighborhood is in the middle of changes. The older people are moving out - either due to health or wanting something closer to town. We are now getting younger people and we have more families with children than we had before. Interesting to watch the demographics change.

  11. Hi Carol,we are only friendly with one neighbour and right next door lives a horrible man,but he isnt close enough to worry us.
    We have a lovely older couple that live across the road,and i have just started to mix in with local events in a small town close by and making new friends,one lady lives nearly behind me,lol after living out here for 13 years.

  12. Just checking in on you...don't you have a dermatologist appt this month? I hope you let me know how that goes.

    Our neighborhood has changed so much...After the kids were up 8-10 maybe a little older, our house was never locked...unless we were all going to be gone overnight. Or if my daughters stayed here when they were older, they would lock the doors. We knew all our neighbors, and most of the kids, the kids knew where I usually kept money in the know $10-20 for any thing the kids really needed it for or for the paper boy.

    There was always some kid to come and feed the animals if we were gone...

    Now my front door is always locked, as well as our garage...the back door is locked a lot of the time, too. And I absolutely hate having to always have a key to get in.

  13. My daughter lives on the next street over :-)About a three minute walk. I'm so blessed :-)

    The prominent bird in my neighborhood are the blue birds and blue jays. They are pretty smart... I yell out, "Blue" and about four blue birds come flying into my yard--- then I toss dry cat food and sunflower seeds onto the gazebo roof for them to eat. Good times.. good times :-)

  14. Such a pretty woodpecker! Your memories of block parties sound so sweet! It is sad how things change in this world!

  15. Hi Carol!! I stopped by your blog because your comment on mine never came to my email - not sure why blogger does that sometimes - and I wanted to say thank you for your wonderful comment. You know, most of my friends think I live a very mediocre life - I'm not in a career, I don't run marathons, I don't have the latest and greatest gadgets - but I do have a lovely life that suits me quite well. And that's what counts!!!

    It's sad that your neighborhood is changing. We just moved from one that changed drastically for the worse. We don't really know our new neighbors yet, but they've all been friendly and we talk. Your neighborhood the way it was sounds like the one I grew up in, we were all family and watched out for each other - my driveway was the gathering spot every night in summer. And a lot of my old friends have bought their parent's homes in the same neighborhood. Nice!

  16. what a wonderful area you have been blessed to live in-actually I always imagined really close friendly neighbors that work together and play together-but that never happened for us. we now live in the woods and it has been a struggle to find real friends here-
    enjoy your woodpecker-they are cool aren't they? our hummers have been arriving now
    take care

  17. We have at least one pair of downy woodpeckers that visit the suet block all winter long. Haven't seen a red headed one in years though. Living in an apartment building makes it difficult to make friends with neighbours, but I have to say that we're friendly with the ones that live in our 'wing' of the building. We don't get together for coffee or anything but we do tend to stop and chat for awhile when we meet in the hall.

  18. Well I'll be horn-swaggled! How did I ever miss this post?? Golly Bill!
    LOVE those red-headeds-wish we had some....we do have Pilated woodpeckers, and they come into the yard, but not the feeders. I'll try to take some pics of the feeders for you-I think it was you that requested it. It's not very pretty-that's why I avoid getting it in pictures. I'll try it this week...


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