Sunday, March 12, 2017

It's Entertainment - kinda

Lots of my friends have been mentioning that I haven't posted in a while and want to know how things are going with my foot.  With that in mind, I thought I should post, but honestly, about what?

Well, there just is not much to talk about.  I don't need to keep my foot elevated, but I do still have to wear the boot and can't put weight on it yet so I still have the scooter to move around the house and use when I go out.  Honestly, I don't go out much and I do keep my foot elevated because unless I do, there is still a certain amount of pain...small though it is.  My choice of pain reliever is Ibuprofin, but because it is an anti-inflammatory, I am unable to use it, as it would prohibit the fusion. Tylenol is what I am able to use but it has side effects for me that I just don't want to deal with.

So, I spend a lot of time looking out the window at my feeders which Terry has graciously kept filled.  I never tire of watching the action out there.

I have been doing a little reading.  A very little FB.  A small amount of cooking.  Of course, I am still stitching cupcakes on the quilt.

Then, there's the TV.  Terry has a routine of shows he watches and I listen along while he watches.  I don't have much interest on daytime TV, but I do have a few shows I watch at night.  I can't get him to switch over to Netflix, but I'm working on that.

I go back to the Doc on the 22nd.  I expect him to allow me to walk using my own shows as long as they don't put pressure on the fusing joint.  I have read that it takes about 6 months to actually fuse and that you can have the plate removed in the future.  I'll ask him about that.

The xray of my foot shows that when I thought I broke my foot about 8 years ago and didn't go to the doctor, I really DID break it.  It shows the break pretty clearly.  Now, it only have pains me when the weather changes.  I'm thinking that's not bad if I had gone to the ER, had a cast and went through THIS.

Thankful:  Today, there are so many things to be grateful for.  At the moment, I'm happy that when I turned 65, I took the time to look into an insurance policy.  It's NOT a supplementation policy. It's a policy you buy and use instead of Medicare.  The cost is the Medicare premium plus $39 a month,  So far I have paid very little for Doctor appointments, lab work, xrays and this surgery.


  1. I can picture you with your foot propped up watching the birds or working on cupcakes. :) Yesterday, when I called my daughter, she was keyed up because a Cedar Waxwing had flown into their window. It lay there, still and bleeding, and she called around for a vet that treated birds. The only one she could contact on a Sunday was the LSU Small Animal Hospital, they are going to contact her today about how it is doing. I love Cedar Waxwings, and hate that so many birds injure themselves flying into windows, but at least Erin found the Veterinary Dept. at LSU had an ornithologist!

  2. Glad for your update and progress!! Funny, how we all long for a 'day' to just sit and do nothing but when it happens it's hard to deal with. Boredom sets it. HA I too don't watch daytime TV...too much to do just sitting and watching TV...i love Netflix and also purchased Prime when it was on sale! Always something to watch at night while hubby watches sports (except football...that's my game!). HA Do take care and good luck on your next Dr. appt.!

  3. Hi Carol, this is a long recovery of baby steps for you, and your commitment to getting there is admirable. I think you have chosen the right things to look at. Daytime TV makes me crazy! Yes, always something to be thankful for, it's the "silver lining".

  4. Hmmmm-your insurance sounds good-I know when my hubby retires-we will have NOTHING as far as insurance except Medicare. That does scare me a little. That part is down the road as he is 64 and I'm 62. But time flies, and we need to start looking into this stuff now.
    Watching birds-can you get any more 'funner' than that? I love it. this morning we had 7 blue jays, 2 male cardinals and the usual hoard of chickadees, red wing black birds and grackles. The woodies come a little later (sleeping in), and the squirrels eat off the ground, as that's all they can do-we have a feeder they can't eat from.
    I'm glad you are healing up-but oh-I bet it seems like time has slowed down for you! Please just be careful, and take it easy.
    Love to you!

  5. I've been toying with getting NetFlix too, but have to look into whether we would still be able to get the shows I do like, as well as be able to watch our Blue Jays play. Can't afford to pay for both cable and Netflix so it's a tough decision. Jack likes tv far more than I do so it's okay as it is. Glad to hear your foot is healing well!

  6. I love watching the birds! I don't have a birdfeeder here, but I often watch the birds in the nearby stream. Healing takes time. I see my bone doctor on the 22nd also to see how my wrist is doing. Look forward to seeing progress on the cupcake quilt!

  7. You are being a very good patient, Carol. I am sending you all positive thoughts for a good report on the 22nd.

  8. I came thinking if there was not a post I would email you to see how you am glad to see this post. I hate that you have a side effect from tylenol. We are still plugging along here, too. Some days good and some not so good. That is life.

  9. Hi Carol good to hear from you and glad you are ok.

  10. Hi Carol, I thought that I would check in on you to see what you have been up to. You and my daughter fit right together right now with her breaking her ankle. She has pins on one side and pins and plate on the other. The bad thing it was her right foot. She used a scooter for 6 weeks now she wears a air cast. She will wear it for six weeks and then they will go from there. I am sorry for your problem and know that it is hard not to be able to do what you want. I don't like tv so I don't watch much. The fingers are kept busy with my embroidery. I am working on a set of six for a bridal shower. I take it to the nursing home with me. I am sending you hugs and prayers that all goes well for you. Take care. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend Shirley.

  11. It sounds like you have the foot under control although I know how hard it is to stay off your foot. Glad you have the activity out your window. Keeping you in my daily prayers. Hugs N

  12. I'm glad you're healing and getting lots of rest. Whoa -- when you are finally up on your feet there will be nothing stopping you!!!

  13. Good to hear from you and know that the foot is healing. It all takes so much time, and I'm sure you're getting bored of everything, but the weather is still iffy, and at least you have some interesting things to watch out the window and do with your stitching. Thanks for the progress report!

  14. I'm glad your healing is going to plan and you have a good view of the birds. I mostly find looking out at the birds is more interesting than TV! It is certainly a good thing that you took out that insurance. Today, I'm grateful for our new router. We still have less than 1.5MB but it's great compared to having none at all :)

  15. I'm new here, Carol, without remembering how I got here. :)

    So sorry you've had a lot of trouble with your foot. Hoping the dr was able to allow you to wear shoes, and you're not in pain.

    I was interested in what you had to say about Medicare and the $35.00. I'm assuming you meant the part B that comes out of the SS you receive. I'd never heard of add'l premium that low. I'm 75, and have had the same supplement ins that costs quite a bit, but haven't had to paid a single penny for any dr or hospital charges.

    Best wishes for healing with your foot.


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