Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I'm Smokin'!!

 OKAY! I'm NOT smokin'.  This is the little lamp that I keep behind my sewing machines so that when I need more light I can just adjust it and wallah!  More light.

IT was not smokin' EITHER.

But while I was sewing, I smelled smoke!!

I looked up from my machine and I SAW smoke.  I was REAL quick to jump up and find out what was going on.  Just as quickly I said a prayer that it was NOT my machine!!

Nope.  The material I was sewing got bunched up behind the machine and piled up high enough to touch the bulb in the lamp.  See that little hole that looks like a cigarette burn?  THAT is what was smokin'.  Luckily it was in a spot close to the bottom of the fabric that is in the hem of the curtains.

We are HUGE Black Hawk fans...ALWAYS have been...forever.
Black Hawks, Cubs, Bears and Bulls.

When my daughter moved to her new home, my grandson asked me to make a valance for his bedroom windows.  He didn't want whole window curtains, just a topper.  I surprised him with a Black Hawk valance.  I have had the material for a LONG time.  Way before they won the last cup.  Good thing because I wanted more to make pillow cases or even a quilt but nope...couldn't find it anywhere.

He's a Cubs fan too.  I bought a lot of material before they took the series but haven't decided what to do with it yet.  I'm thinking I'll make another valance at least so he can switch with the seasons.

Today I am Thankful:

Yes, of course because I caught that little smokin' before it got tooooo big!  But there are other things I think about in this thought process.  Like the snow.  We have about 10 inches right now.  I HATE snow...absolutely.  But today I am thankful for snow because it's really water that goes back into the ground and allows the water cycle to continue.  So many of my blog friends suffered from a drought this year.  I am thankful to have enough water. And yes, this is also part of my motto to look for the good in everything.

Merry Christmas Week!!


  1. Glad you found what was smoking and that it didn't ruin your project.

    Yes, to look for the good in everything is a very positive thing to do.

    Happy Christmas week and day to you ~ FlowerLady

  2. Good thing you caught it so quickly!

  3. Isn't it funny how sometimes bad things that happen can make us thankful? Thankful it wasn't worse, thankful you see something you didn't before, and on and on. Makes you think. So glad you caught the smoke before it became a fire. Just think if you had moved away from that area for a while-could have been a fire. How wonderful that the hole is close to the hem!

  4. Hi Carol,gee I am glad you found what was burning before it jump up in flames.
    Love the way you look at snow now,merry Xmas my friend xx

  5. Wow! Scary though! Thankful that it was caught soon enough!

  6. That's pretty high! Thankful indeed, and now to find a different place for the lamp.

  7. Yikes!! I'm glad you were in the room and caught it. I love your 'positive' thought process. I think its easier to get 'down in the dumps' in the winter when its harder to get out and about and we spend more time in our own little worlds. I wish we would get snow -- our soil could definitely use moisture and lots of it.

  8. Being thankful is a great motto. I will try and work on my thankfulness too as I am apt to forget sometimes and be grumpy. Merry Christmas to you and your family. XXXXX

  9. Hi Carol!!!! I'm thankful too that you caught that fire about to happen!!!! Whew!!!!! Hugs! deb

  10. So glad you caught it when you did, it could have been so much worse. You were lucky, really. I don't love the snow either, but I can tolerate it. It's the cold that goes with it that I really dislike!
    Happy Christmas week to you. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Carol.

  11. Wow! You were lucky! What if you'd gotten up to take little a break and had just left it piled up there? Words to the wise, huh?

  12. Phew - so glad the damage wasn't worse! I must say that you have put a good spin on the dreaded snow and I must remember to try to think of it in those terms. Today I'm grateful for today - that the sun made an appearance.

  13. I too have a light next to my sewing machine! Happily, I have never had the fabric bunch up so much as to CATCH IT ON FIRE lol Good thing you smelled it and took action!

    I hate snow too. Blah. I am happy when I hear it is snowing up in the mountains though as the drought is tough on the central valley here in California. My daughter and her family just recently went to the snow. My grandson who is nine refused to get out of the car! My six year old grandaughter though was making snow angels. The cold doesn't bother her as much lol
    Merry Christmas!
    big hugs,

  14. That was good you found the smokin' fabric before it caught fire! I live in a drought zone and we've gotten a bit of much needed rain which I am really thankful for. I enjoy seeing snow falling and how pretty it can be but I never want to live in it again. I hated driving in it! Merry Christmas.

  15. Carol, I am "Unknown" above... guess I wasn't signed into my blog when I commented. Thanks for all your visits and comments on my blog, I do appreciate them even though I don't always reply. Merry merry Christmas!!

  16. I AM so glad YOU aren't smoking! Not healthy! Also glad your lamp is okay, as that can be super dangerous. A little hole, even in sports fabric, that we can live with. =) I'm not a snow fan, either. Knoxville hasn't had snow on Christmas since the year I moved here, 2010. This year, it's going to be 64! It's better than the freezing of a couple days ago, more normal to a desert rat.

  17. Oh wow that's unreal that happened-but good thing you caught it in time! kinda scarey for sure
    Merry Merry Christmas to all of you-hugs from the Ozarks where it will be a balmy 60s today-what a turn around in the weather over last week when it was so cold we lost our water inthe well for a day.

  18. YIKES! The fire could have been much worse, I'm glad that it wasn't. Super cook valance you made for your grandson. I'm sure he will love one representing the Cubbies, too.

  19. So, so glad you did not have to walk away from your sewing for any length of time. Shows how quickly something can happen.


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