Monday, August 8, 2016

I Asked for a Table--I GOT a TABLE!!

Remember when I mentioned that I was trying to figure out how to put a pull out cutting table in My Room?  I wanted to free up the dining room table so we could actually sit at it. Heck, when I met with my health insurance salesman we arranged to meet at a local cafe because I didn't want to clear my dining room table!!

I asked Terry to make a table that could pull out from under a counter that my Singer Presser sits on.  No matter what I ask Terry to make for me...he does.  So off we went to Menards to buy a piece of sanded 1/2" plywood, 3/4" x 2" strips of birch to frame it, and drawer slide outs.  The slides pull out 100%.

Here is a side view of the table with my 18 x 24 mat placed on it.(That's Bosco laying under it.  This is both dogs favorite spot when they are in my room.  Usually there is a doggy bed there.  Tyson cried until I put it back.)

I guess I'll have to move the bed when I am actually using the table, but anything to keep my puppies happy.

Here is a front view.  The table must stick out a little bit from under the counter, but that's OK.

Having the table located in this spot My Room caused me to rething about what is on my counter above it.  The drawers above it contain some of my bead items so I moved them and actually made it more of a sewing center.  I like to use 12 x 12 scrapbook containers as project boxes so they are what I switched into that spot.

This is the shelf above my computer desk.  I love to look up at these babies while I am thinking about what to say when I write blog posts and comments.

There are two of my mouse witches I made last year and some doll gifts from a couple of my blog friends.

I think of you guys every time I look at them.

So, I have put the temp afghan aside for now due to the 90 degree weather.  I am keeping track of the temperatures but really don't think I catch up until the weather cools off.

I need to start the next block in Kathy's class.  Of course I am still putzing around the pond.  We spend time with Terry's dad every day, stay close with his sis who is having an awful time with side effects of Chemo treatment.

To my friend Jenclair...thank you for inspiring me to actually pick up a book I can get interested in. You made me realize how much I love to get lost in a book.  I am now reading Every Breath You Take by Ann Rule.

What is filling YOUR days?  Are you like me and feel guilty that you don't get done all that you want to?


  1. Your slide out table is brilliant and your sewing centre is looking great. I love your witch mice and dolls :)

  2. Wow that table is awesome!!!! Great workmanship too. Love all your dolls.
    Have a great day.

  3. Hi Carol!

    Right now its all about taking care of hubby after his surgery... Things are getting better....looking up... seems like not as much pain... but let me tell you.. shoulder surgery is not for the faint of heart... But the days are not just going by in a blur... so a little better Hugs! deb

  4. Yay! for Terry! And for you with your new cutting table. :) I love all of your dollies, Carol! They make me want to make something again. :)

  5. That is great! Wow, he got right on that and did such a fine job of it. Is it strong enough so you can bear down to cut on it? It must be. Your studio looks as cluttered up as mine is and yet well organized. I like peeking into your space, thanks for sharing. It is gently raining here this morning. I've been splitting my time into yard work, art work, walking the dogs, reading, and I started a new exercise program so sticking to that.

  6. Awesome Carol-I get my husband to help me with stuff any more-too tied up in his business-but I am hoping that will change soon
    I am still washing raw fleeces that I bought last year-

  7. I do feel guilty when I don't get stuff done. I make lists, and LOVE crossing things off when the jobs get done. That's my favorite part-crossing stuff off the lists! But right now I am in the middle of about 7 projects in my studio. That seems to be the way I work best. I did accomplish some work on the house too-got both porches water-sealed-which is a big job. But crossing it off my list was worth it!

  8. What a great idea! I could use a pull out table in my tiny apartment.

    What am I doing these days? M - F I work, teaching English. I'm reading a Fergus Hume mystery called Red Money. I have several small stitching projects going.

  9. Oh yes - the guilt trip we take when we have such great plans and then have them fall by the wayside. Alas that guilt trip doesn't include meals out and iced teas by the poolside either! Your DH is a brilliant man with wood and tools - what an ingenious cutting table!

  10. What a lucky gal to have such a handy hubby helping you make the best use of your space! I love seeing Holly there among your treasures. :)

  11. I am way behind on my temp afghan. I am doing a little here and there but I am only in the month of July on it right now. Fall will be here before we know it and we can catch up then!

    It's so nice Terry will make things for you. It is great to have something that can be pushed closed when you aren't busy with it.

    I put up with just about anything for my dogs too lol. Sometimes I really think they own me!

  12. What a wonderful post!! I love the table and its fun to see your new 'sewing' space. This summer it feels as if I'm stuck in sludge. It doesn't help that it has been so hot and humid, even beginning in June. However as long as a mouse appears once in awhile I guess its okay.

  13. It sounds like your days are pretty full. I think it is awesome that your hubby has the skills and is willing to make you whatever you ask for. I love the table and how it slides underneath your workspace.

  14. What a nice job your hubby did!!!! Wonderful! I read that book!!! They also did a show on 48 hours or one of those shows on this murder too. What a creep!! Have you read 'The Other Typist'? How about Crash and Burn.I listen to a lot of books on my ipod while I clean, sew, dry my hair (use my earbuds!) to read at night in bed while hubby watches news/tv.

  15. How wonderful your husband is to make you the things you need. I try not to get upset with myself for not getting enough done and sometimes I just honor that I need to be lazy. I just finished "Me Before You" by JoJo Moyes. Now I am reading "Unbroken" by Laura Hillenbrand. With the temps running 103F it is good to read when I am not in the cool pool. Life is Good...

  16. A pull-out table! Not only is Terry sweet and talented to make it for you, but the idea itself was inspired! Way to go! Here in Salt Lake, the heat wave of the last ten days came to and end last night. After a blustery, windy day yesterday, we woke up to much cooler temperatures today. It maybe got into the eighties... And the a/c did not come on until mid-afternoon. I've just been painting; porch pillars and now the kitchen. Next is a new hall door... Boring. But we did have lots of corn and tomatoes from the garden this week...

  17. Hi Carol,
    Love the table hubby made for you! Great to be able to organise all your beads and sewing things in one place. Your dolls look sweet on show like that! Our cats rule the house here! I have stitching in progress but nothing to show at the moment.
    Barbara xx

  18. What a wonderful man you have, and a terrific table he built for you. That is so handy, dogs notwithstanding. =) I'm sorry it's been so hot and miserable. Here, too, but I stay inside most of the time. I don't get as much done as I want or plan, but I don't feel guilty. It is what it is. You have a lot of things going on in your life. Breathe.


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