Thursday, July 21, 2016

Here's a Little Mystery

Look at this!  Know what it is?  Probably.  The mystery question is WHERE is it?  I was shocked.  More in a minute.  I'll give you a little time to think about it.

Life was on hold since July 2 until today.  My father-in-law is coming home today to enjoy the rest of his life under the guiding hands of hospice.  Boy did that decision cause a stir in the family.  Someone put it in my mother-in-law's head that he could go to rehab and that is where she decided he would go but failed to tell her two daughters who have been taking care of him day and night  during his hospital stay.  Since I have been reading my recently received Medicare Manual I knew that was not an option so I asked her to please talk to the case worker to know what her options ARE.  She refused.  So here is info for you.  If you have a terminal illness, your options are hospice or a nursing home.  Since they had not made provisions for nursing home insurance, she realized that Hospice would be the best for everyone.  We will all do whatever we need to do to make these next months as comfortable for him as possible.

You have no idea what can happen to landscaping when it is neglected for 3 weeks.  Luckily I am able to try to catch up.  BUT, the pond cannot be neglected.  We add water every day which helps to add oxygen to the  water and keep the algae down.  We also have to clean the filter in the filtration box.  Have you guessed the mystery yet?

I do the box duty since it's hard for Terry to get the filter out.  The box is about 1/2 full of water and contains a net that catches debree.  The pump pulls the water through a filter to catch algae then sends the water out through a hose to be recycled to the pond.  We keep another filter under the pump to be sure that nothing gets sucked into the pump to ruin it.  I usually reach down in the water to get that little filter out.

The other day I lifted the filter box lid to see a little face with a forked tongue looking back at me.  He drew back in the water, but here it came again when it needed air. OMGOSH!! I hate these critters with a passion!!  I closed the intake flap so water would empty the box.  I thought I'd get that thing!!  But the best I could do was chuck him to the side of the pond where he scurried under the deck.  OK, so I can't see him so I'm not scared...but I know he's out there.

When Terry was cutting the grass he saw one of his sisters and a niece snake out in the front yard.  We hardly EVER see snakes.  What the heck is going on?!!?


  1. I know your family's pain, Carol. May your father in law not linger and suffer more. Hospice is wonderful. My mother has them with in-home care, but soon she may need to be moved to their facility. We pray the same for her, no lingering and suffering.
    I knew it was a snake, but not where. However, we live in the woods and we've seen one often enough to believe that where there is one, there are hundreds. {{{{shiver}}}}

  2. I'm so sorry about your father-in-law but a hospice is the best place for him. They know what to do when it's needed.

    I'm afraid I would have headed for the hills if I'd seen that critter...EEEEEEK!!!!!!

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your FIL having only so much time left. I've heard so many good things about Hospice, how kind and caring they are, so he's in a good place.

    I had to click on your photo to see what the mystery was. YIKES! I saw a glass snake yesterday, which is a legless lizard. I've seen shed snake skins too and the occasional black snake.

    Enjoy each new day and try not to work too hard or too long outside. Drink lots of water also.

    Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

  4. I'm not sure whats going on but the other day we had a ground hog climb one of our trees when it was frightened by a LOUD thunder rumble... Never in my life have i EVER heard of ground hogs climbing trees!!! You?? Glad your little 'friend' didn't hurt you.... So , so sorry to hear about your father in law.... Sending you good thoughts and a big hug! deb

  5. Hi Carol its sad about your FIL ,i hope it all works out ok .
    OMG i hate snakes ,sounds like you had a family of them there,hope your day is a happy one,sending you big hugs xx

  6. We have our 'pet' snake (or more!) who used to live on the north side of the house....well, this spring we found him in the garage! Hubby pushed him out and I have seen him twice in the landscape at the front of the house!!! Dogs actually find hi first! HA They are harmless but still kinda creepy!

  7. Getting older and ill is difficult for all involved. Take a break from your pond work to do some stitching.

  8. I'm with you...I do not like snakes!!' Last Spring and Summer here in Australia saw many of us complaining about seeing more snakes in suburbia than ever before. We had one in our laundry...eek!! But a fellow blogger in a nearby suburb said she found a snake in a basket of clean laundry in her laundry!! Double eek!!!

  9. Praying for your FIl and family. I'm sure it hot and dry there right now like it is here, even the creeks are drying up. So they are looking for water.

  10. Hoping your f-i-l has a smooth transition to hospice care. He will be well looked after. I would not be happy to find a snake of any size,large or small... yuch. Hope he slithers away, never to return...

  11. I hope your family has as good an experience with hospice as my family did when my dad was dying. They really were a blessing.

    Snakes! I hate them. All I can think is the changing weather patterns. I've had trees go into bloom for a second time this year. Not just one but my tiny apples, my grapefruit, tangelo and pomegranate! I read the gulf streams from the two hemispheres are running together and scientists are worried it's going to mess up the seasons. I think it is! Maybe the snakes are reacting to it too.

  12. Im sorry about your father in law. I hate those end journeys.. they are hard for everyone. I hope he is comfortable for all the days he has left.
    as for the snake. I dont mind them, but Id rather not be startled by them! If there were a lot of them Id be pretty creeped out. but I have to admit, that I like worms less then snakes.. at least a snake has a face and I know what hes looking at.. a worm is just gross and ugly and has no face! lol!
    have a great weekend!

  13. I'm sorry to hear about your FIL BUT hospice is a wonderful service. From what I've experienced through other people the people are caring, they make sure you aren't in pain and can view the patient from the eyes of a caregiver rather than family. I'm very glad that he is under their care. I'm wondering if the hotter than normal weather is bringing critters out more this year.

  14. I would certainly be horrified if I came face to face with a snake unexpectedly! I hope the hospice experience goes well for your family and especially your FIL. I'm sure it will as they have an excellent reputation. Hugs :) xxx

  15. I do hope your FIL enjoys a relatively pain-free and loving end of life. I know from experience how hard this is on everyone, but better that he is in comfortable and familiar surroundings. A little face with a forked had a POLITICIAN in your filter box?!?

  16. Hi Carol! It was so nice of you to visit my blog! I'm very sorry about your Father-in-law. I know this must be a painful time for you all emotionally.
    I do love the quilting projects you've shown here. Someday I must try to do a little one...

  17. I'm sorry about your FIL. Hospice is wonderful, though, and will take excellent care of him. As for the snake, I expect the heat drove him to seek the cool water. I'm not afraid of snakes, but I grew up in the southwest. Mostly, they are shy and don't want to see you any more than you want to see them. Is it really that pink? Do you have any idea what kind it is?

  18. One of the best things about living in snakes. Hospice is wonderful, they can and will do so much to help in end of life situations. Prayers for you and your family.


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