Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Welcome Back To The Crazy Train

If you know me, you know that I refer to my life as the Crazy Train.  For some reason, the holidays always turn the train loose and it rages out of control.  As an example, when my mother died she was buried on Memorial Day.  My father died on New Year's Day.  I have a whole lot more examples of many incidents and events that occurred in our family on a holiday.

Why should this weekend be any different?!?

We had the usual family drama but this is not about THAT.

Yesterday we went to the vet and Terry had an appointment to be fitted for new orthopedic shoes.  We stopped and brought sandwiches home for lunch.  I thought I would settle into a peaceful day.  I signed up for Kathy Shaw's On Line Traditional Quilting Class.  Time has blown by as I dealt with that dang arm sprain, tending to Junior, and other Crazy Train events.

I need to cut my quilt fabrics in 2-1/2 inch strips.  I can see now why quilters like Jelly Rolls.  No, it's not hard, but just sayin' it saves a step.  Anyway as I was sorting fabric to press I heard Corey yelling from his room "Bamma Come Help Me!!"  He was yelling REALLY loudly. When I got there, he had been adding water to a 150 gallon tank he has that houses a the Killer Fish.

As Corey was pouring a bucket of water into the tank, this stinking foot long catfish decided that he wanted to swim upstream in the water flowing from the bucket and landed on the floor. Now, I have to remind you that Corey is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu cage fighter who takes a hit to the head and kick to the groin in stride.  But if he sees a mouse or that stinking catfish on the floor he yells like a girl! lol.  Bamma...STUPID the rescue.  I grabbed a rag from the laundry room and went to pick up the fish with it.  That dang fish whipped around and jabbed me in my right had middle finger with his barb.  Or maybe his fin got me.  I don't know, but I am telling you that jab hurt more than any other pain I have ever experienced.  I think even more than childbirth or a toothache but those memories may have dulled with time.

While Terry and Corey were trying to get that stinking fish off the floor and into the tank, I was laying on the bathroom floor crying like a baby and squeezing the first knuckle of my middle finger as tight as I could.  Corey was so upset that I got hurt.  Trusty Google told him to put my wound in the hottest water I could stand for 30 minutes.  The pain should subside in 60 minutes.  60 FREAKING MINUTES!!!  I asked him to be sure it wasn't poisonous because I felt hot and cold and wanted to pass out.  No, not poisonous.  There I went again. On the couch for a healing nap.  This is getting old.

So much for cutting fabric.  Yet another setback. Today my finger is swelled from the first knuckle to the tip and kind of numb on the print side.  The very same knuckle that Terry smashed when he raised the window on it (power) 35 years ago.

Today is June 1.  I WILL complete this quilting class.  I will find time to stitch every single day.  EVERY day.  I will log on my daily planner when I do, because I am finding that by documenting things on my planner and using the daily pages as a journal really does work for me.



  1. OMG Wounded in an epic battle with a catfish! Your description of the pain made one of those empathetic shivers crawl over my skin.

    Just to let you know how I feel about catfish--the only way to deal with one is fried and crispy and doused with Louisiana hot sauce.

    Hope the swelling goes down soon, Carol, and you can get on with your quilting!

  2. OMG!!! You certainly have some wild adventures!!! Hope you feel better soon -- perhaps a doctor could give you something for the pain and swelling. I'd say stay close to home and safe, but in your case that probably wouldn't be good advice!! *smile*

  3. Oh wow - that fish is a menace! Next time (if there is one!) you run the other way and let the thing take it's knocks. If it's going to attack people that are trying to help it, it deserves what it gets. Didn't know catfish were so dangerous.

  4. Oh my gosh! I hope the pain has gone away and you can get back to quilting.

  5. Oh my, how did I miss this post! Can't believe the coincidence, I have a broken finger on that same hand due to the crazy train making a stop in my house. Hope you stop hurting soon, Carol.

  6. Oh man! I think I would have let that da** fish die! Or brought in the frying pan to show to it, hehe! I hope you're feeling better very soon! And tell Corey to fill the tank when Mr. Catfish isn't looking.

  7. Oh Carol, that's terrible! Certainly the type of excitement you can do without! Hope your swollen finger soon settles down and the pain goes. ๐Ÿ’•

  8. Oh no Carol!! I have never been 'finned' and now i'm sure i don't want to be. !! Whenever we go fishing hubby always warns me how to take a fish off the hook so he doesn't 'get' me... I'm definitely going to pay more attention now!! Hope the crazy train leaves soon my friend! Hugs! deb

  9. You poor thing, If I lived closer I would be your much need Bamma. It's about time that train left the station. Praying for that very thing.

  10. Getting "horned" as we call it by a catfish is so painful. Hope you mend and can have peace surround you soon!

  11. Now that is the freakiest of freaky things I've ever heard! Who would imagine such a thing? I wouldn't have! Hose in the window next time? LOL Oh my gosh, that must have hurt! It's how I felt when a scorpion stung me the first time. But 60 minutes? I surely hope it didn't last longer than that! And that there are many June days of sewing ahead!

  12. It's always the unexpected isn't it? Hope the swelling goes down soon. Good luck on the quilting class. I have only ever made one quilt, a baby one and it took me 15 sessions starting from scratch. I blogged about it last year, I started in January 2015 and finished it in April. I did document it all the way as it was my first ever attempt at making one. I did enjoy it very much.


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