Friday, March 25, 2016

Happy Easter

No body says it better than Snoopy!!

I hate it when Easter comes early.  Where I live the temperatures are pretty warm right the low 50s but with rain.  Not really the kind of weather to show off pretty new Easter outfits.  Or hide eggs in the back yard!! 

I like Easter Dinner to be very simple.  The menu is not new with dishes my family looks forward to.  Ham, of course with lots of pineapple rings baked on top.  Polish Noodles.  Shredded hash brown casserole.  Green bean casserole.  Something Jello.  Bread Pudding.

I think we will go to the Farmers Market in South Bend tomorrow.  The Polish Bakery that made my wedding cake has a booth there.  On Saturdays they bring just about every Polish pastry known to the Polish.  It's hard not to buy one or a dozen of EVERYTHING!

How will you spend Easter?  What Easter family tradition do you look forward to?  What will your menu be?

Be Happy.  Be Safe.


  1. Your weekend sounds delightful, Carol. I'm trying to keep the tradition alive in spite of our family being launched and far away, so I shall color eggs, cook ham dinner, and try to be warm outdoors. Memories of buying Easter outfits at Robert Hall, complete with little girl,hats and gloves, and the excitement of my first pair of "heels" all revolve around Easter. So does the Easter Egg hunt my grandparents always prepared for us grand-kiddies back in the day when families were not so scattered. It was a day of celebration after a solemn week!

  2. I hope you have a wonderful Easter Carol. Your dinner sounds good. It will be simple for us, barbecue probably. Enjoy your weekend and take care. Happy Easter.

  3. Happy Easter to you and your family. we have been pretty cold here all this week-finally some sunshine today but they say rain on sunday morning. It is always just the two of us so I just cook up whatever I feel like lol I usually make a ham and will probably do that again this year. we love my grandma's yellow angel food cake recipe with strawberries on top-I bought frozen strawberries yesterday while shopping. I find they are nicer than the fresh ones offered here. I love love that farmers market-and have not been there since I left home in the late 60s. fond memories Mom bought allot of fruits there to put up, I loved when we ate breakfast there-don't know if still there, and they had an amazing butcher shop booth with really nice offerings I will think about that market now lol enjoy your holiday

  4. Sounds like you really keep the traditions going. I would love to see your Farmers Market. Ours is so aweful, I mean really bad. With my family so far away and mom gone, Mike and I will just have a regular dinner. No frills here.
    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  5. Your Easter Dinner sounds wonderful Carol; all the best to you and your family for a restful Easter with lots of Blessings! We are playing host to some friends from Vancouver tomorrow and planning an Aussie BBQ with pavlova for dessert.

  6. Morning Carol, Your lunch sound scrumptious, I have never though of adding a hash brown casserole. I'm going to check out Pinterest. For my family to such hearty eaters, some of them are too picky. But everyone likes potatoes. Thanks for the idea. It least the first half of the day is suppose to be good weather last I heard.
    We keep this one simple too. After church we eat, within an hour most will go home. A couple will stay and help clean up, I've noticed it's always the same ones that stay to help.
    Have a blessed Easter, He has risen.

  7. Just enlarged comic, cute. Snoopy got that right. 8-)

  8. Thank you Carol. We had a nice celebration yesterday with friends and there was lots of varied foods. Growing up my mother always make breakfast of "Eggs-a-la-Goldenrod" and I miss it. Hubby won't eat it. White sauce with the chopped hard boiled egg whites, served over fresh biscuits or toast, and the egg yolks crumbled on top..."Eggs-a-la-Goldenrod". My daughter makes it for her family but lives 500 miles from me. Easter Blessings Dear...

  9. It does feel strange to have Easter so early this year. Our Easter get-together is a potluck and the menu pretty much stays constant. One aunt brings scalloped potatoes and cherry pie; another brings broccoli salad and her homemade chocolate fingers; my cousin brings his spinach strawberry salad; we make tea biscuits and a dessert. This year it was our turn to hold it, so we also supplied the meat (spiral ham).

  10. LOVE your snoopy clip (enlarged!) - life is too short to watch tv all day :D Your Easter sounds great. We had family over and had pie made by my mum with veg (some grown by my parents and some by us) followed by apple pie (with apples from out tree) and (shop bought) custard, preceded and followed by tea and chocolate. I don't know if we'll be hungry enough for lunch today! Happy Easter Monday!

  11. Hope you had a wonderful Easter Carol. I didn´t have anything planned but my grandchildren surprised me with a visit and we went out to eat.

  12. Isn’t it interesting how so many of us have to have “something jello” at Easter? I think it harks back to our parents’ generation..... This year we had chicken instead of ham, but now I have to go out and buy a ham because we’re out of our supply of freezer ham packs for quick meals. Otherwise, I hope you had a nice Easter. And you’re right - Easter belongs in April!


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