Saturday, December 12, 2015

I Never Saw A Tree I Didn't Like

I never really realized how much I love trees until I reacquainted myself with embroidery.  I have a board on Pinterest where I save pics of stitched trees.

When we moved in our home years ago, there were some trees we took out.  Messy crab apple trees whose only purpose that I could see was to shed apples that the neighborhood kids would throw at each other.

There were some evergreen that weren't really trees.  13 of them lined the driveway.  THEIR  purpose  was to provide harbor for the webs of BIG...REALLY spiders.  Needless to say out they went.

We had a couple of small White Birch that I absolutely LOVED that mysteriously disappeared when I went shopping one Saturday.  It was hard to forgive my father-in-law for supporting...errr...helping Terry to make THAT decision.
These are two dying trees in our back yard.  Corey took the branches off the one in the top picture when we put new fence up. We left the trunk which is home to LOTS of bugs that the woodpeckers and other bug loving birds feed on.

This tree is still living with green leaves in the summer.  You can see the limbs that remain after we had it topped about 10 years ago.  It too is a dying tree, but home to squirrels and birds.  I like to watch the activity in these trees.  Squirrels come and go and tease the dogs.  I watched a Blue Jay couple steal leaves from a squirrel nest and fly off to use them in their own winter nest. The Blue Birds love this tree and the bugs they find there. The both are a haven for woodpeckers You can always see some activity going on in leaf barren trees in the winter.  It's a lot easier to see the Hawks when they visit and watch my three favorite crows.
If you are not that interested in my naked trees, well here is my baby...Tyson.

Boscoe's nickname is Boss and it is highly appropriate because he is the Boss Dog. When Tyson tries to eat, Boscoe lays very close to Tyson's bowl waiting.  Tyson doesn't like the little bits that look like bits of raw groud beef and spits them on the floor for Boscoe to eat.  If Tyson doesn't eat his food fast enough, Boscoe will find something to cover Ty's bowl with..a rag, a sock or he'll just dump it out and act like he is burying it.

Here is a pic that I took when I brought Tyson's food into the living room to deter Boscoe from eating it.  Tyson fell asleep while on guard.

Actually, Tyson can fall asleep no matter what he is doing.  In the morning we watch Animal Planet and the dogs always get his attention.  We have often found him sitting in front of the TV like he is watching it, only to find that he is asleep.

My dogs are a lot of fun!!


  1. LOL! Those crabapple trees were probably planted for their Spring beauty Carol. They are gorgeous then with flowers all over them. But i would hate the crabapples as much as i dislike Chinaberry trees...... Hugs! deb

  2. I too love trees and find them so interesting. I guess that is why I paint them a LOT. LOL Wishing you a very merry Christmas.

  3. OK, I have a challenge for you! I too love trees and leaves...are you familiar with Linda McLauhlin's blog? You need to check her out. She stitches a weekly leaf block then puts them together...check out this link.
    I commented to her that starting in January I am going to start creating my own leaf blocks. I won't do one daily, for sure! But I think weekly is duable. So why don't you do this with me! Heck, if we don't get one done each week (or we could do a monthly block....perhaps larger size than what Linda does)...hmmmmm I like that idea better actually! Think about it and let me know! You could do a crazy quilt block with a leaf as your focal point!

    1. I love this blog thanks for sharing the link

  4. Trees make beautiful stitcheries!! Its great that you left the dead tree alone so that the critters can nest and play in it.

  5. Good looking Dog. I'm partial to boxers.

  6. I love trees too years ago I took a class on identify trees in the winter-very interesting-although I don't remember any of it any more lol need to check out your pinterest boards

  7. Trees etched against a winter sky are fascinating, aren't they? You made me laugh about the hierarchy in the canine family. Our cats have a hierarchy, too, but every once in a while, Edgar gets his comeuppance. Then he sulks for a while before reasserting himself. :)

  8. Hi Carol! I just came over from Judy's blog and love your blog as well so have become a follower! I agree with what you said about craft shows. Here in upstate New York they are not very well attended by locals but we can still count on the Canadians to mosey down and shop.Over in Vermont they are still well attended and there is money to be made, but sadly I have to many pets to take off for a weekend show!
    I too am a lover of trees and all the wildlife they harbor, I can even find a place in my heart for garden spiders which do seem to love those pine boughs! Love your sweet puppies, they must be a handful with those dinner time antics! Take care and have a wonderful day!
    Tina xo

  9. I think one of the most fascinating things about trees is that no two are exactly alike. I'm glad you were able to leave your dead tree for the wee animals and birds to enjoy.

  10. The older I get the more beauty I see in trees...I love white birches, but have never had one. We did have a huge old maple that Mama Squirrel raised her babies in for several years....2 litters a year. You can find her on my Pics & Pieces blog.

    Anyway, we had it and a younger tree...both maples. Always limbs breaking in the summer storms. The old one was rotting in the middle...when a big limb just missed our daughter car by about a foot, we decided to have them taken out. I do miss them, but I don't miss the mess and the worry.

  11. I just love Boss! I also am a tree lover. I am always taken in when I see a street lined with trees! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year!

  12. I adore trees as well. I love the silhouette of dead trees, they provide beauty to a garden. Isn't Pinterest filled with beautiful stitching ideas. I see you love crazy stitching....wonderful! Thank you for visiting my blog because that means I followed you to your little corner of the world and what a pretty place it is. Your Tyson is very sweet. It has been lovely to 'meet' you, Carol....hope to visit you more in the new year.

  13. I have a Love Affair with Trees too... we used to have one over 350 years old on the Historic Property til the City exercised improper eminent domain to chop it down saying it was scaring people because it had become too enormous for a Residential Neighborhood! I still miss that Tree and grieved about it's unfortunate demise that I could not prevent since I knew I'd never live long enough to own a property with anything that Ancient Gracing the grounds again. I do hope your intensely Emotionally charged days are easing... I do know and understand how difficult that can be and to especially move through quietly. Sending Positive Energies your way... and in Agreement that the Blogs I tend to Connect to the most are not just self-promotional Biz Blogs, but those that have the Essence of the Creator of them and in them. Hugs and a Wish that 2016 bring you all that you Hope for! Dawn... The Bohemian

  14. I like your naked trees! Andrew Wyeth was fond of painting them. He called them "the bones of the earth".


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