Thursday, December 10, 2015

Block #9 CQJP 2015

I have always loved the Queen Of Hearts.  Not the one in Alice.  I admit that I never read Alice.  I've enjoyed many other classics but no Alice.

I love the Queen so much that I have a Queen of Heart tattoo.  Not the card, but my own design that was inked by a friend that is a real artist.

Most of this year's CQJP blocks are about things I love so the Queen is a must.

My thought on this block was to keep it all red and black, red stitches on black and black on red.

I never plan what I will stitch on a block.  I think that I am not good enough to do that yet.  Not knowledgeable or confident in my stitch repertoire.

the opposite color thing was the only plan I had.  This pic is my favorite part of the block.  I love that scrolly kind of design and I am going to use more of that kind of stitching on future blocks.

I like those tiny heart buttons too. Can you see the furry looking fabric next to them.  That is actually the selvage of the black fabric.  I like that effect as well.

I'm still having a problem with templates. My issue is with the tools to use (pens etc) to mark the dots.  I think I'll try the waste canvas method.    I'm not very good with precision.


  1. I love it that you pretty much 'free form' it, not planning ahead too much. This is quite rich and beautiful.

  2. I love the scrolly design, too, and the tiny heart buttons are too cute. Very effective use of red/black, Carol, and perfect for the Queen of Hearts!

  3. Very nice. I don't plan my blocks either. I like to see what develops.

  4. I really, really like the black/red combo!! Nice to see and it really stands out! You have a tattoo!! Never would have thought! I won't ask for more detail! HA

  5. This is a lovely Queen of Hearts CQ block. I do love the red and black and the fabulous scrolls and swirls and hearts. Lovely Dear...

  6. Where did you manage to find the card fabric? What is the actual size of the block?
    Is this for a quilt? Anxious to see the finished product.

  7. I really like this one! Red and black are spectacular together. I don't plan my blocks either, beyond pulling out a bunch of 'stuff' that might work on the block.

  8. I like the red on black/black on red combination. Your stitching looks great to me!

  9. I really like the color combination and the stitching looks great to me!

  10. What a gorgeous block! I love the color combos and the Queen of Hearts is perfect! I suppose my biggest obstacle with templates is my fear of marking the fabric. I frequently mark the back side of the fabric with a light pencil. It means a lot of flipping back and forth to make sure my needle is inserting where I want it to, but it makes me feel more comfortable. I am also a fan of waste canvas (though, I find removing it a chore - lol!)

  11. I your black and red block, with your lovely stitching. Was the Queen of Hearts a photo or printed fabric?

    I made a "crazy" purse once, planned on paper, and then stitched free hand - I couldn't draw on it as it was velvet.

    Barbara xx


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