Sunday, November 1, 2015

Did You Trick or Did You Treat?

How was your Halloween?  Fun I hope!  We stayed in.  The weather was chilly and rainy all day.  But as the bewitching hour approached, otherwise known as Trick or Treat hours, the rain subsided and the ghosts and ghouls came out.  We took several pictures of the little visitors, but I won't post them here because I don't have permission to put them on the net.  I always make sure to speak to each one and comment on their costumes.  They love it and so do their parents.  Sometimes they just keep talking as they walk away to the next house.    

I DID take these pictures to share.  This is one of our neighbors who created this wonderful caravan to drive their grands to visit special neighbors.  Isn't it decked out!!  There is a toddler bed in the trailer for the kids to sit on.  The trailer is pulled by a trusted Wheelhorse.

We also had a hayride go by.  I couldn't get a picture.

I love Beggar's Night.  I have heard, and read several comments that people were glad that it rained so there weren't many kids out.

I LOVE it and I'm interested to know if you enjoy it, or do you think it's a pain.

Now I'm ready for Day of the Dead.  A spiritual day for me to remember and honor those that are gone.


  1. I love the kids that come out. You will read on my blog that the storm was so bad the kids didn't come. But I too make sure I tell each child how great they look. Maybe next year the weather will be kinder.
    Have a great Sunday

  2. Carol i LOVE trick o treating. i loved it when my daughter went and then in CA it was my first chance at having trick or treaters come to MY door. Always before i lived too far in the country with few neighbors... Like you when they came to my door i oooed and aahhhed over the costumes and encouraged them to say ' trick or treat' as some are self conscious and reluctant but i found if i said it first then they would follow and i was nicely surprised that almost all of them said thank you!! :) I'm so glad i got to do that because now i'am back out in the country... too far for trick or treaters....

    I have to say i'm not sure what a Wheelhorse is but if its a tractor , the noise would have drove me crazy and totally destroyed the spooky mood... Hugs! deb

  3. I've really never been a huge fan of Halloween - I like the decorations (but don't do it myself). I've never liked candy either (I know - I'm weird!!!). The apartment building where we live now doesn't allow trick or treaters to come door to door, but they do shell out in the lobby and we donated some candy to that. I know - I'm a total party pooper.

  4. It rained here, too, so we only had a few trick-or-treaters. However, my eldest son came home for the evening. His girlfriend and best friend from high school also came over. It was a wonderful evening spent watching movies and playing board games. Of course, I had to make some mummy dogs (hot dogs wrapped in croissant dough and baked) for the occasion. :)

  5. We only had two trick-or-treaters, both darling girls. Yes, we did visit. I'm sure the one girl's father, waiting for her in the car, wondered what the heck was taking so long. Each one came at a different time and I literally dumped half a bag of candy into each of their bags just to get rid of it.

  6. It has worked out, by accident really, that I have always lived too rural for any signs of trick or treaters-after leaving home after high school graduation. I can't say that I have missed it allot, but for several years in our rural home in Illinois I made these huge decorated halloween cookies to pass out to our friends kids that I had asked to stop by.
    I love the wagon set up for the kids-fun and safer for the kids

  7. The rain cleared off here, too, but I was so disappointed to have only one small group of trick or treaters. Our neighborhood doesn't have a lot of children, and I have to accept that, but I don't have to like it. Next year, I may go to my daughter's and man the door while B.E. goes trick or treating. I adore seeing the kids in costume and how excited they are!

  8. We're in the middle of a drought with water restrictions so no rain here! But Halloween is not really a biggie the gated communities (I'm not sure what you folks would call it on your side of the pond, but we call them estates here) the kids often go trick or treating as it's a lot safer and a controlled environment. So no kiddies and no "house dressing" A pity as I love dress up myself....I'd probably be the nutty neighbour in costume with the scary haunted house :D

  9. Absolutely LOVE it... we eagerly Celebrate Halloween and Dia de los Muertos... and no, there can NEVER be too many Trick-Or-Treaters and I'm so Thankful that the new neighborhood we just moved into does Halloween in Style and makes it so Memorable and Fun for everyone! I too am always Sad when it's all over... and I enjoy visiting all of the Celebrations of it here in the Land of Blog with all of the Kindred Spirits whose Inner Child is still Alive and Well... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  10. My husband likes to dress up the house and yard with Halloween decorations. (and Christmas stuff too, as we get closer). I think it's all a pain to lug around, but it is fun.

  11. Somehow I missed this post, I like to see the younger kids in costume.
    I glad to see the young teens still enjoying themselves and not getting in to trouble.
    For some reason that bothers some people. At least they are not stealing the candy from
    others and not destroying the decorations. I live in a rural area now and miss seeing all that.

  12. That caravan is fantastic! Halloween is catching on more in towns, here, in the past few years but no one ventures as far as our unlit country road. When I dropped my (young adult) children at the station, though, some small children threw an egg at my car, which I thought was a bit unfair :D

  13. I know I'm late commenting but this is such a great photo, Carol. It's nice to see an organised outing and that looks great fun!
    I enjoyed Jo's Halloween blog hop (saw you there!) that's why I'm all behind on my comments!
    Hope you are having a great week!
    Barbara xx


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