Monday, October 19, 2015

Sometimes It's Hard To Admit You Have Changed Your Mind

Not that long ago, I felt a peace working in the garden, meditating while I pulled weeds or other garden chores. Before I retired, all summer long I longed to be outside. But our climate seems to be changing.  Warm and sunny summer days are few and far between. Overcast days on end looking like a threat of rain.  Or heat and humidity kept me in  air conditioned comfort keeping Terry company.  The weeds did not get pulled, the pond didn't get a landscape redo.  I felt I accomplished something when I got the decks stained and helped Terry enclose our back porch with wall to wall windows. Gosh! that took all of our short summer.

I look at the color changing leaves and think how pretty they are as I watch them drift to the ground in the breeze.  Then I look at the layer they are making and wonder if they will all come down before the county makes the rounds to collect them after we have blown them to the side of the road.

That's all really hard for my former A-type personality to admit.  I used to thrive on making sure all was in order and chores were done.  Where has my ambition gone.

My attitude has changed about other things that I won't mention here as they are controversially my own thoughts.  I wonder all the time when I hear politicians accuse other politicians of changing their stand on certain issues.  MY mind has changed and they should be allowed the same privilege.

Terry and I made a trip to the VA Hospital in Marion Indiana for an appointment with a new doc.  The hospital is located on the outskirts of town.  There seems to be a large wooded area that is surrounded by wrought iron fence.  It's really a beautiful setting. The area around the buildings has driveways leading up to them all.  It's really a park like setting.  I spotted this critter walking along a driveway .  He looked right at home, like he knew where he was going.  I wanted Terry to stop the car so I could adjust my phone to a closer setting, but Terry just doesn't do that kind of thing.. After all, there was a car behind him.  That's all I'm saying about THAT. Anyway, the big deal here for me is that it wasn't a cat or dog.  I had never this animal before so when I got home I researched the picture. It turned out to be a Gray Fox. they are not common to NORTHERN Indiana, but do live in CENTRAL Indiana. So that was our excitement for the doesn't take much!!


  1. My priorities seem to change as I get older. Everything changes, not just my mind! Moving to Japan has changed the way we think about a lot of things.

  2. How neat to see the Gray Fox.

    Enclosing your porch with wall to wall windows sounds nice and I know you'll enjoy that and having your deck newly stained too. I'd say you did quite a bit with your summer. Enjoy what you accomplished and have a wonderful fall.


  3. How wonderful! We have very few foxes here -- but once in awhile... My 'way of living' has changed so very much as I've aged. For the better I believe. I mean isn't it wonderful that I have the time to spend fiddling with cloth in my little room? Far better than typing and printing forms or letters that are shredded at some point in time and were probably far less important than I thought - to me or anyone when I was doing it. I think our bodies slow down a bit as we get older also -- why shouldn't our lifestyle!! Each day is precious and I rarely think ahead -- but mostly am contained in this 24 hour space in time and loving it.

  4. I used to have a huge garden and worked from daylight to dark. We moved and have a small garden that I barely keep up with. The heat and humidity are part of it, but also, as you mention, interests change. Don't we all wish politicians would let new information have an effect on their thinking? I don't mean just going where the votes are, but genuinely re-thinking important issues.

  5. seems like all we did this year was go to dr, and then hubby had surgery. now getting his strength back

  6. Yes, to all those thoughts and having your partner driving and not choosing to make a simple change is on my plate too!!
    Take heart my friend that your priorities do change and they must. We have our duties that are more important long term that steal our energy. I hear you and I'm sending calming quilty thoughts your way.

  7. I loved this post, Carol, and can relate to so much of what you're speaking about here ... much the same has happened to me. My priorities have/are switching BIGTIME. I think it's important that we pay attention & follow our hearts on this subject. As for your fox - splendid sighting!!

  8. This is a wonderful post and to see a fox that is awesome. It is the "trickster" play tricks and making people laugh. In addition it is a totem of finding a new path or as you stated changing your mind. That guy was there just for you.
    My baking endeavors turned out perfectly yesterday. So glad that is not always the case. LOL
    Have a great day today

  9. My husband won't stop even if we are taking a drive that is supposed to be more for pleasure than speed! Actually, he doesn't do much that I ask but yeah, that's enough said about that!

    I have a yard to work in finally and realize I really don't want to anymore. Weeding in gravel areas when the weather is 90 degrees or above isn't fun and I always wanted a nice looking yard but never enjoyed the working in it. I wonder though if it's THIS year or is it the internet or what as I don't seem to want to do anything. I don't call my sisters to arrange a visit, I don't draw or paint and I haven't even been visiting with my daughter as much. I think having to do all my own cooking and baking is wearing me down along with putting up with a husband who is getting crabbier and crabbier all the time. Change happens. I hope the changes I am experiencing aren't permanent! Wow, that was a rant wasn't it? I keep wondering if its age or depression or just that everyone is busy as no one is getting in touch with me either.

  10. Lucky you to sight a fox - we certainly don't often see them. There was a family of them living across the driver and we saw them once this summer, but of course I didn't have my camera. Summer is my absolute favourite time of the year and I long to be outside as much as I can. Unfortunately there's only a short window in the middle when my allergies aren't in full force and then it's usually too hot to want to go out.

  11. I think that as time passes........priorities always change. Love the fox photo. No matter how many times I see a wild animal......I still get excited! Have a good week!

  12. I have never been an "A" type and I can easily watch paint dry or grass grow. In my working years I would always push myself to be driven and get more done than anyone else. Now I meander and ponder and if things don't get done in a timely manner I am quite okay with it. I think it is healthy to change our minds from time to time. Such a cute little grey fox. It would have been nice to pull to the side of the road and watch him travel along. Creative NO RUSH Bliss Dear...

  13. I enjoyed reading this post and the comments and also looked up type A (and B) personalities. Lots of food for thought. I hope you find more time for enjoying the beauty of the falling leaves and wild creatures :)

  14. Yes he does look like a fox-we have both the red and grey fox here-they are not usually so out in the open like an awesome treat to view.
    I think as we get older-for me especially after 65-life does really change-I am not quite ready for it yet-I just really don't want to get older or watch my husband get older with failing health-but that is life's cycle and I realize now how hard it is to except changes

  15. I can relate. I too recently retired and the family and my former coworkers were certain I'd have a difficult adjustment and would have to find another job immediately to prevent a deep depression. but as we drove to my new retirement home, the depression lasted three hours and I suddenly felt free, totally liberated, able to do all things I'd not had time to do while working lots of overtime. With nine grandchildren, soon to be 10, I'm having a ball. but I'm not accomplishing a lot. I took up gardening but the deer have enjoyed my efforts more than I have. I'm in a town of under 1,000 outside of San Antonio with lots of sun, after the the May torrents ended and before this weekend started. the deer loved my plants, all of them. ALL of them. My dogs love living here so much better than my apartment in SC and I have to time to see again. I'd love a job but I've changed my mind about needing a job. I have not seen a fox here but my husband saw one drinking from a puddle in the driveway. it's so quiet here compare to the city I thought at first that it was soooo creepy but now I have learned to hear again and I hear cows in the distance and the frogs outside my bedroom window at night. I have so changed this past year


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