Sunday, October 4, 2015

I Thought I Wanted To Shop Alone.....Not!

There is a reason that I call my life The Crazy Train...yes I know there is a song by Ozzy called that...where do you think I got the name!

Yesterday Ky came over to spend the day working on a 69 Olds Cutlass convertible we have had stored in the garage.  He thinks he's going to drive it next summer.  I didn't want to burst his bubble by reminding him how expense it will be to drive it at today's gas prices.  Back in the 80s it was Laurie's summer car and gas cost $50 a week back THEN.  Anyway with Ky and Corey both spending the day with Terry, I took the opportunity to go fabric store/craft/purse shopping.

When I need to pick up something at "my" stores, Terry usually comes along and waits in the car.  That's OK with me AND him, but really I NEVER take the time to just look around at whatever is new.  I started at JC Penny and found the purse I wanted.  It is exactly like the summer one I use and love, but I wanted it in black for the winter.  Even at the sale price, it was twice as much as I got my summer one on clearance in the spring.  I wrote it off and moved on.  Forget the purse.

I went to Michael's and found some Spooky Town figurines that I wanted, now marked down 50%.  HUGE score because I wanted them REALLY bad.  Found some beads I "needed" and used a 50% off coupon...another score!  Went to Tuesday Morning and found size 8 embroidery needles at 50 cents a pack...bought the 6 packs they had and WAS a great score for me.    By now, I was totally burned out on shopping.  I stopped at the grocery store to pick up Lasagna noodles and headed home to feed the crew.

I started thinking about that purse.  I really did want it.  After all, I couldn't expect to ALWAYS find a steal of a deal.  I checked out the JC Penny web site and ended up ordering the purse on line because I also found an additional 20% off coupon which more than covered the cost of shipping.  Not a score, but a great after thought.

As long as I'm talking about shopping, I'll mention that I buy most of my fabric on line.  Though I have a JoAnn or two near me, I usually don't find what I want and their selection of  Kona Cotton just is not very large.  I have bought at and I like their design board options.

HOWEVER, I recently saw a shop advertised in a quilt magazine called The Fabric Shack which is located in Ohio. I REALLY like this shop and the shipping is super user friendly.  They have every shade of Kona Cotton listed by shade!! Their prices are great and carry quality brand fabrics.  Check it out and if you order, tell them I sent you.  I let them know that I would be posting about them.  I get nothing in return, for the review, just the desire that they will continue to be there when I need a fabric fix, lol .

So, if you have on line shops that you like to haunt...see how I slipped that Halloween reference in!...please mention them in a comment.  I really do go to the internet for most of my supplies.


  1. Fun for you Carol, but exhausting! Nice that you got the purse.Thanks for the suggestion on my blog too.

  2. Well what a wonderfully long and chit chatty post Carol. I love it! We had a JoAnns open up in our town Oct 2 well 'supposed ' to open up... Went up to the doors with alot of other women and was told the opening had been delayed due to electrical issues....sigh... I have a Hobby Lobby too but its nice to have options... I do order online but its not my first choice . I like to hold, see and feel things before i buy them. But if i absolutely cannot find it at the stores i will go online. I buy alot of my books at and i've had wonderful luck with them over the years...Amazon is a favorite too. If i'm having trouble finding something elsewhere i can almost guarantee you i will find it at amazon...A few years ago we needed a few more cabinet knobs to finish the kitchen but it had been discontinued at the big box store...We looked everywhere and finally at Amazon and there it was!!! I buy occasionally from Etsy. Its been years since i've played around with Ebay.... Hubs will buy a few tools online if he needs too but he prefers to buy in person too..

    I'm a sale shopper too Carol. I have a hard time purchasing something if i'm not getting a deal! lol I'm so glad you got the purse though... sometimes we just gotta bite the bullet. LOL! I'm so glad you popped over to visit the blog. I know i know 'dragon' is a stretch of the but its my first attempt at one! What do you think would make it look more like a dragon?? Wings?? Hugs! deb

  3. Good Morning Carol, I am trying to catch up with some more of my blogging friends this morning. I found a wonderful quilt shop in Hamilton, Missouri. You can order from them on line. We took a road trip to there this summer and really liked the place. We had a lot fun. I am glad you got your purse. I want a new one, but haven't found one like I like yet. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri friend shirley

  4. I also love to get a Screaming good deal. My sister shop and she is the very best at finding things we need for next to nothing prices. We also help one another realize if we REALLY need something or not. Love your great deals you found. Shopping online is fine for some things and now days it is getting very convenient. We love our chairs we bought online and that is very surprising. Happy October and Enjoy your month...

  5. I have a friend in chicago that opened up a quilt shop called windy city quilts if your looking for some touchy/feely and its closer than Ohio😊
    I hate shopping this time of year in anything other than small shops . Everything has gotten so commertialized its nausiating.
    Its bad eough therest of the year(buy it for George and Abe!)
    Im waiting for, Jesus wants you to buy this car!
    You laugh but its been going there for years. Heck the simpsons predicted trump for president, maybe theyve predicted the naked news hour too....

  6. I am soooo lucky to live near LOTS of fabric shops. Its a big quilting and fiber arts area. Thanks for this site though -- because it might not be that way forever, we lost a couple just last year. Lately I've been using thrift stores for fabric. I've found the most lovely linens that I could use for birds and dolls and such. As the cold weather arrives I'll be looking for wool pieces.

  7. Love reading your story and I was laughing about how cheap gas prices were when I was younger.

    Hugs Diane

  8. Alas Carol.....I've had to curtail my crafty online spending due to the sad sad state of our currency, that coupled with postage costs makes online crafty shopping more like online window shopping!


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