Saturday, August 29, 2015

U-Turn, Side Tracked, or WHAT!!

This is how I have been feeling lately. Every night the weatherman tells me what to expect the weather to be the next day.  I plan my day.  I hear warm and sunny...I think finish painting outside.  I wake up and here it is 66 degrees and overcast...again...for the last week. Looking like rain.  No painting outside!!

My blog friend Penny posted about a U-turn created in her inspiration and a switch in projects because of it.

I call my situation being side-tracked.  But I have not picked up a needle or project.  I filled a bucket of water and tackled that laundry room floor.  Then I looked at the closet doors and thought they need a coat of paint.  And there is a little puppy damage on two walls so we really should fix that too.  A Mister Clean eraser sponge spiffs up the extra refrigerator and the freezer doors.  The weather has been autumnish and that makes me feel that I should be cleaning.  I sure hope that feeling passes soon!!


  1. Sounds like you are getting a lot of thinking done. That's doing something!

  2. I love rain (stop hitting me!) I love the smell just before it rains and the smell just after it rains and all the pitter patter in betweeneven though most years it makes it difficult to get out to do things.
    I miss it . Here we havent had a good rain, until last night, since april. And everything is crunchy.
    Im hoping this is just a cyclical thing and our real weather will come back some day.
    But I am afraid we've broken the planet.

  3. I am not even side-tracked...I have completely derailed. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to do any real cleaning even if I had been inspired to. Hoping I get back on track soon.

  4. Okay where are YOU? We were just saying that, not today, it was actually quite pleasant, like 78 for a high, but the previous few days have felt like October weather with highs only around 68-70! Come on! This is Canada's hottest city in the summer and it sure hasn't felt much like it this summer. I'm plugging away at the quilting, however. Housework, schmousework, I say!

  5. I think you'd best lie down until that feeling passes!

  6. Dreadful as it may seem -- sometimes these random desires to actually clean something hit me also. Its not a pretty picture BUT I often come up with future ideas while pushing the vacuum cleaner or washing down the floor. I might add -- not often enough to make the whole cleaning thing a routine happening.

  7. Your signage really tells my energy to do much of anything. Trying to rest to get well and all I am doing is creating huge to-do lists in my head.

  8. I so envy that weather! But not the housework which always means that I'm in the creating doldrums. :) Glad to know that this displacement activity is common to others.


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