Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Challenge Called Deadline

 When I worked I never missed a deadline.  No Challenge.  Tasks were completed before they were due.  No procrastination.  Make a list at the beginning of each day, prioritize and get each line done.  If the list was not completed, The items at the bottom moved to the top of tomorrow's list.  Easy Peasey for me.

BUT, in my personal life...well THAT is a different story.  Got Christmas prestents to wrap?  Well, not better time to wrap than 5 minutes before they will be opened!

Pay bills...last minute there too.

That's why I don't join Challenges that require me to complete a project by a certain deadline.

But, when I was recently asked to participate in a Halloween Blog Hop.  I LOVE to visit blog hops.  Great ideas and maybe find a new friend.  Anyway I joined because I LOVE Halloween.  Even more than Christmas.  I'll be stitching Halloween Blocks anyway, so, yep, I joined.  I'll post more about it later.  You can bet I'll be procrastinating adding the patch to the side of my blog though:)

These are a couple of my very favorite Holloween decorations.  I keep them out all year and periodically move them around to different places. It makes me happy to see them.

And because I seem to include "Stuff" in most of my posts now, here's the Stuff.

This is a picture of my garden stool.  It has wheels and a place to hide my tools.  Since I can't kneel on the ground to weed, I use this stool and I love it.  Well, you know my dogs like to dig.  Boscoe likes to "hide".  He covers Tyson's food bowl with their rag toy.  He hides their toy bones under his bed.  We can't stop the digging so we gave them the small area where they like to dig.  The other day I found my stool dragged over to one of the holes Boscoe had dug.  You can't tell here, but the front wheels are in a hole that is about 8 inches deep.  I'm glad he didn't have time to REALLY bury it.

Our dogs have so much personality and love for us it's hard to be made at them.

And another thing...the Stock Market!!  I used to not worry one bit about it when we were still contributing to our 401K.  We've made out pretty well over the years, but my knuckles are still white right now:(

What bad habits do YOUR pets have? Do you choose to overlook them, or have you found a way to impress upon them that they are being bad?

What about holiday decorations?  Do you have favorite ones that you just don't want to hide away?

How do you treat deadlines?  Are you good at meeting them, or like me, do you make a last minute scramble?


  1. good morning, I would love to know more about the blog hop-sounds fun. I don't really have any deadlines any more-although I need to put myself on a deadline for a few of my projects so I can get them finished before I can't anymore-my arthritis issues keep getting worse this summer I am hoping they improve over winter. I was brought up to always be on time, meet deadlines and things like that so in the past I always made sure I met all deadlines. now I am loving the internet to pay bills so much quicker to get where they are going
    I think that is too funny that your pets tried to bury your garden seat-lol I am still laughing about that one. the only bad habit our kitty Miss Calico has is if we don't keep the bathroom door closed, especially during a full moon week, she will pee on one of the rugs-I usually pick her up show it to her tell her bad kitty and then carry her to her liter box-since it is something she only seems to do during the full moon I am not too hard on her as I get myself prepared for it and make sure the door is closed lol
    enjoy your week-we have a perfect one this week-oh and the stock market crash-crazy stuff going on but I was able to buy propane gas for .99 a gallon-un heard of here

  2. I was sitting here this morning looking at my WIP pile and saying to myself that I will not join any more challenges. I am totally useless at meeting deadlines anymore. Maybe it's retirement. My mindset has changed and I really can't be bothered to stress myself out. I don't know.

    If I was to pick a favourite holiday it would be Halloween but strangely I don't have a lot of Halloween decorations any more. They have been "borrowed" by family members and not returned. Hmmm.

  3. Oh Girlfriend you and i are like two peas in a pod...lol ... Work deadlines... tasks to get done no problem... but home life... not so much... And its the exact same reason i don't join challenges online or anything with a deadline... If i ever do its because it gives me a generous GENEROUS amount of time to get it done... then and only then can i be suckered into it.. Been there... wrapping presents 3am on Christmas eve... yep ...

    I do choose to overlook Jinx's bad habits....The only one he gets 'corrected' on is getting up on the counter. He has the run of the house but he's not allowed on the kitchen counter... usually thats no problem.. he's a good kitty , he knows hes not suppose to be up there so a 'LOOK' from me and a quick ' Jinx get off from there or i will rip you limb from limb!' Usually makes him hop down.. lol ( jk) mostly...

    We also feel the same way about Halloween and Christmas... but nope i don't leave any decorations up all year....lol I love seeing yours though... Its a tough contest between which holiday i like best but i think Christmas edges out Halloween just a tad...lol

  4. Have fun with the Halloween Blog Hop! I really, really want to join, but my schedule may become quite full, so I am afraid of the commitment. We will see if I cave or not. I cannot wait to see what you make! I just love Halloween decorations. As for deadlines... it depends on the deadline. For work and blog hops I tend to get things done early.

  5. Hello Carol. Too funny about your dog trying to bury your garden seat. He is very industrious. We no longer have a pet after 18 years with Sasha BooBoo kitty. I miss her everyday! She could jump out of a dead sleep when I opened the freezer to get shrimp out. They were her very favorite treat. We are also too old to rebuild and contribute to our nest egg and I do wish the stock market isn't so reactionary! As for holiday decorations...I say enjoy them anytime and keep smiling. I have a few I keep in my space where no one else needs to look. As for deadlines...well that is a toss-up. Sometimes I work well with them and other times I get so nervous I can't function. I am consistent in the fact that I definitely over-commit myself with projects and volunteering and I cannot disappoint anyone! Summer Smiles Dear...

  6. Procrastination is, I think, my middle name. I always mis-judge the amount of time required to do anything and then wonder why I'm scrambling at the last minute. For me, it's Christmas decorations (I don't think I own anything that's Halloween or Easter related) and some I would love to be able to leave out all year. I force myself to put them all away though, so then I can appreciate them all over again when I take them out.

  7. I don't like deadlines having had to meet so many of them during my working years. However, when I set up my blog I did decide to make Mondays and Fridays my posting days so I always have that 'deadline' hanging over me. Its a good one though - it makes me focus and get things done. Since all I'm working on is 'fun' stuff its not hard to meet the deadlines. I love Halloween! I'm sad that these days kids don't trick-or-treat the neighborhood but I still decorate (in my mild mannered style). My two Lickety-Split witches are here with me in my studio all year round but they are getting ready to migrate to the side cabinet in the dining room for a long season (until Santa takes their place).

  8. Myself I'm terrible with dead lines Carol, I procrastinate then everything is done at the last minute. In fact, I work better that way! In my eyes, my pets do no wrong, though others beg to differ. I tend to overlook things because well, they're so friggin' cute! Christmas is my favorite time of year. Everything is decorated, and my ceramic tree is always up. I have many keepsake ornaments, and each year as I hang them, the memories o Christmas's past flood my brain. I love it.

  9. Lovely to meet you Carol, and read a little about your fur kids too! How kind of you to provide them some digging space, and WHAT a hole! Only my Rocco loves to dig, and he's SOL right now because the back yard is all patio and mulched garden border...so he digs at my daughter's from time to time! Both he and Naala have a bad habit of being uber-excited when someone comes over. We constantly work on that. They have other bad habits, but I'll keep this relatively short. Love those Halloween decorations too! I just said I work well under pressure in that post you commented on, so I usually do procrastinate. I find if I start too early, I overthink, or redo parts that aren't necessarily in need of said re-do (perfectionist rears its ugly head). As a school teacher for 30 years, I met every deadline with ease. Now, like you, well, life happens a little slower, even though the days zip by...

  10. Carol you have me chuckling at your words! I try to get every thing done..........but just like you I hit road blocks. LOL The new kitten I have gotten is very rough when he plays and really hooks his claws into me.....and bites hard. Although he is just a kitten and doesn't realize what he is doing I am tired of having cuts all over me. SO i have a spray bottle of water and when he starts grabbing hold of me I squirt him. It works!


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