Saturday, August 15, 2015

More Piecing for ME

I've been piecing more hex blocks.  I can't decide if I should stop for a while and clean the clutter or continue piecing.  My next group would be Halloween inspired.  I LOVE Halloween and Day of the Dead.  I'll have to think about that.

They say that practice makes perfect.  I have definitely decided that I like the flip and sew method of piecing better than other methods.

There is no hit and miss with piecing and I had a little difficulty in learning the technique so that I didn't end up with a triangle area and no way to fill it.
Cathy Kizerian posted on Face Book that Diane Matheson has passed away. I have followed Diane Matheson's blog for a long time.  I knew she was ill and I'm sorry to hear she passed.

When I first wanted to actually piece a CQ block I searched the net and bought just about every book there is.  Diane had posted on her blog a tutorial on her piecing method and it just clicked with me.  Her tutorial was my reference for piecing these blocks.

Every single Crazy Quilter and Embroidery Stitch blogger that I have met has been gracious and friendly and willing to share knowledge and advice and I thank you all so much.

Whether I piece more blocks now or not, let the embellishing begin!!


  1. good morning, what a very cool idea to sew these into a hexi shape-love it

  2. You are doing a great job on making your hexie blocks. I love how they are turning out.

  3. Nice work, Carol! Remember your blog friend as you sew. Keep it going!

  4. I too love crazy quilting, I find it so much more freeing, as the fabric tells you what to do next. Your hexies are turning out fantastic!!

  5. Ooh ,Ooh,Ooh! I love your color choises! So pretty.

  6. Oh, I love Halloween and Fall in general. The other day I was in Michael's and they were already setting up the pumpkins and such. Yay!!!

  7. I have been reading about Diane on various blogs and groups and I'm very sorry that I didn't know her. She sounds like she was a really special lady. Your blocks look great - I especially like the one with the bluebirds.

  8. I love your hexies! They are adorable. I just love Halloween decor, so I look forward to seeing the next set! It was very sad to hear about Diane; like MA, I wish had known her as she does sound like a really special lady. Her family is in my thoughts and prayers.


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