Thursday, August 13, 2015

Living With A Ground Hog

Ain't he cute?  NOT!!!!

He's been living in the neighborhood for a while now.  We used to see him go under the neighbor's shed.  Then house was sold and the new neighbors put a privacy fence around their back yard.  Now we see him walk around the fence.

A few years ago we found a tunnel opening in our shed.  Since then we got two more dogs.  Recently we realized that some of the holes they dig are to try to uncover whatever is living underground.  We laughed when Boscoe dug a hole under the sidewalk.  Now we realize that he dug into a gound hog tunnel.

The other day both dogs were barking at the front patio door.  Remember when Tyson went through the screen a few months ago barking at another dog?  Well either falling through it or Terry scolding him scared him so now they don't get too bothered with other dogs.  When I went to see what was causing the commotion, I saw a ground hog waddling through the yard.  He walked right across the street, up the neighbor's driveway and right into their garage.  I was kind of stunned.  Now I know why the dogs sniff all over OUR garage when they are out there!!

We haven't caught him in the live trap.  I'm not sure what else we can do.  I'm just glad we don't have a vegetable garden.


  1. Awww.. Carol he is kinda cute... :) but then i think mice are cute as long as they know their place and it is not in my house! :) Its too bad ground hogs like to dig hole and tunnels and just make a mess of things. Definitely not something you want hanging around... I wonder what the best bait would be to lure a ground hog into a live trap??? Hmmm... Hugs! deb

  2. I have to admit he's pretty cute!!! *smile* We have them around here, but mostly see them alongside the road when out driving.

  3. a few years ago we had a family living under the cement floor of the barn we tore down. I bought Critter Food and fed them! I don't know if I should have, but they were so darn cute out there I couldn't resist. One day they just up and left.

  4. We have moles...Ugh! The entire backyard is comprim8sed except where the septic tank is so good news / bad news. We know where the septic drainfeild is but we will eventually have to regrade the yard so you dont break your neck walking around. *sigh*.
    I use raised beds for our food garden and lined em with that black permiable stuff. So far no moles in the veg. And now that our outdoor indoor cat died we have more holes, arrgh!

  5. Poor little guy! I know they can be a nuisance but I still think they are cute!

  6. We live with ground hogs too, but I rarely see them.

  7. I know they're annoying to have living in your backyard, but they are kinda cute. I don't know what's happened around here (we live surrounded by a large farming community) - we used to see them lying dead on the road a lot, but in the past few years they are drastically reduced in number.

  8. He is pretty cute, but he needs to find a more rural area to live in for sure lol our pets are always smarter than we give them credit for

  9. I try to keep them in perspective but they can do some serious damage to a garden and a lawn. Luckily I haven't seen any out here in the woods but there are plenty of moles that make little trails just under the surface of the grass in the winter. We always are greeted with the trails once the snow has melted. Last winter I accidentally caught two moles in my mouse traps, no mice just moles. I really felt bad since two moles is nothing compared to all the darn mice we have here. I still haven't figured out how the mice are managing to get the peanut butter with the sunflower seed stuck in the middle without snapping the trap. Now with no cat I am going to have to figure something out for the upcoming winter!
    Hugs and pat the pooches for me,

  10. Hi Sweetie, thanks for posting on my blog. About your groundhog - have you tried meditating and spiritual communication like you did with the hawk?

  11. He IS cute! : - ) I think animals were here first, and we moved in. So we need to all get along! Perhaps you can just look the other way. And its good entertainment for your dogs! Have a great day!


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