Monday, July 27, 2015

Do You Know Pickles and other stuff

Pickles is my very favorite comic strip.  There are so many times I see Terry and I in the strip.  It's fun to laugh at yourself.  Lots of times I show it to Terry and cut it out to keep to laugh at another day.

I do that pretty often...cut something out of the paper that I want to see later.  Sometimes it's Pickles.  Sometimes it's a column that Leonard Pitts wrote.  I like Leonard's take on certain events of the day.  Sometimes I agree, most often he puts into words what I would have said, sometimes he gives me more things to think about.

I love the Blogs I follow.  Recently one of my blog friends, Robbie posted about having a daily schedule.  It made me almost wish I had a schedule.  Maybe I'd get more done everyday. I never could abide a schedule but I definitely have a routine. Getting up at 5 AM keeps my day in sync.  I like to read my email and then my blog roll.  That's it.  The rest of the day revolves around what the weather is and what ever errand need to be done.  Throw in a couple loads of laundry, a little bit of yard work, a little TV and lots of puppy love.

While I was surfing the blogs, I came across a post about the writer finding her purpose in life.  That post made me stop and read, because I'm approaching my 64th birthday and have been wondering just what IS my purpose on this earth.  I must admit I have not idea.  The writer found hers.  Just being herself.  She is a joyful person that elevates others moods with a joyful good morning or good day wherever she goes.  When I read the post I thought how wonderful for her to realize that is a great purpose.  But it still has me wondering what the heck mine is.  My blog friend Mary Anne includes a quote at the end of each post.  The other day she included this one:

"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why"
Mark Twain

How the heck do you find out why?  Maybe you just look at your life and select a reason you like and focus on it and call it your purpose.  Maybe we HAVE no purpose.  Maybe we are just here and some of us try to make the world a little better.  What do you think?

Well, the deck is clean and we need to stain it.  I selected an opaque stain.  It was the brand Robbie recommended when I posted asking for suggestions.  After she commented, I found out it is the same brand my brother-in-law has been using.  Two thumbs up is good enough for me.  So yesterday we set out to use our Wagner Paint Crew Plus to spray it on.  It had been used successfully a couple of years ago, cleaned thoroughly and stored away.  So, we got the paint loaded and can do.  It just didn't work.  Corey took it apart and checked out all places that could need to be cleaned again..Nothing.  The stain would just not suck up.  Plan B is to hook our real paint sprayer to the air compressor and spray away.  that beats plan using a brush.  I wouldn't mind it, but spraying is so much faster.

I'd love to hear what your STUFF is today.


  1. Oh, I loved this posting. Very thoughtful. I am way ahead of you in age -- and used to ask myself this question a lot. Now, from a distance I look at my life almost as if it were becoming a magnifying glass. Which means its each day, each hour, even each minute that is important and to use the good parts of me - the kind, the gentle, the fun, the happy each and every moment of myday. If I concentrate on the 'small' stuff it becomes big stuff eventually. At different places in my life the important stuff became nurturing my life-long marriage, caring with love for my son and later my daugther-in-law and my grandchildren. The small stuff of doing 'random acts of kindness' seem to be my 'reason for being here' these days. And thankfulness, mindfulness. Notice I never became a world renowned scientist or rich *smile*!

  2. Ugh! We painted our deck with Deck Over product, and a year later it's bubbling in places. Good luck to you on that big project! (and the even bigger project of find out WHY. Perhaps religion has it's place?)

    From Cindy

  3. What a great post! You know I listen to Joel Osteen on Sirus Radio when in the many times he has talked about 'our purpose'...wish I could remember some of his great words...I just want to be happy and positive and help others...I honestly think that's what I'm suppose to be doing! Do for others....but I am always trying to improve! HA
    Interesting on that deck stain...we went to purchase for our front porch, which I painted last week and they said it's not sold anymore under the original name and only sold by the gallon. Well, I only have a small spindle front porch, and stain we got was SO thick..but it did a good job. We have always brushed our stain's a pain but use a really large brush! HA
    So my schedule today is walk dogs (which I've done!) and now to remove all 'plates/etc' above the kitchen cabinets...maybe I should get up at 5 a.m.! Yikes! I don't get up until 7!!! And I thought that was early! ;)

  4. I too have troubles with the 'whys' but I have to keep telling myself it is for me to show the world I believe in Christ.
    Now about Pickles; do you have a great dill pickle recipe? A friend gave me a bunch of cucumbers. L

  5. when I read your title I was thinking canning pickles lol cause that is what I am doing for a couple weeks. I don't get a newspaper so don't see any comics any more-I remember I always loved the sunday comics the three of us kids back then would fight over them. I have thought about that from my time to time-what is my purpose and if I will even be remembered, I am certain no one will be at funeral cause we don't know anyone really here and not much left of family-a sad thought for me at times-but I just hope a touch peoples lives in a positive way while I am here. I always thought I wanted a deck of some sort out back here but when I read about all the work needed I don't think I want one-I would love a stoned area though so I could cook outdoors where a patio of some sort was planned when we moved here.
    have a good week-hugs Kathy

  6. I am so NOT a morning person! We (the hubbs and i and any critter in the bed) open our eyes around 7:30-8, grumble, wander around till the eyes focus, make it to the kitchen to tea and coffee, read some mail and stuff. Shower dresss and go drive hubbs to catch the bus for work. My time is my own then, I usually go back home and sew for a few hours unless there is shopping or cores to do. Im a TV junkie and try to limit my binge watching to two shows around lunch at 2ish. More chores unless im on a hot streak of genius, then I'm back at the sewing, beading or what have you.
    Start dinner in there somplace. At 6:30 go pick up hubby from the bus. So I have a schedule, sort of, or its just a routine whatevs, it works for us/me. Keeps me busy.
    As for my purpose? I once read a bumpersticker that said "the universe is seeing the world through yor eyes, are you showing it a good time?" When I was younger I took it to heart and tried my best 😀! Now I garden and make pretty my world. Life is good to me and I try to be good back. That's all.

  7. Well Carol, I think one of your purposes in life is your last post, all about the way you take care of other critters. Also, I think anyone who has given birth to a child, then watched life go on through grandchildren, has already fulfilled a huge purpose in life.

  8. I don't know if I will ever figure out the 'why' I'm here - I suppose it could be said that I am here to have given birth to our boys, but maybe that sounds too simple. Maybe I'm here to be a good friend, maybe to be a good wife, maybe to be a crazy quilter....maybe....who knows? I'm sure that when my life is over and I reach heaven my purpose will be revealed though and I'm content to wait.

  9. How serendipitous that I came over to visit your blog today. You and I follow some of the same blogs. My "purpose" in this life eludes me to this day. I am days away from 67 and I honestly have no idea what my real purpose is. I admire others who know theirs and have a direction. I often wonder if I will find out my purpose before I die. My husband knew what he wanted to do from about age 9 and I believe that alone has helped him live a full and meaningful life. I have felt lost along life's path because I don't know my purpose. Ahh...the wonder of it all. Thank you for sharing this. Mark Twain's quote is right on target. High on Life July...

  10. What a thought provoking and interesting post Carol, I too used to wonder what my purpose in life is. some years ago, I was at the grocery store and came across this little elderly woman outside the door with a couple bags of groceries in her cart, and holding a cane. I asked her if she needed some help, and found she had just missed the bus. I offered to take her home, to which she was so grateful. On our way, she told me amazing stories of her life with her late husband. We laughed and talked and talked. When we arrived at her house, she told me to wait a moment, she had something she wanted to give me. She came back to my car and handed me a beautiful porcelain rose broach that her husband had sent her from Germany during World War II. I told her I couldn't accept that, but she insisted, telling me that what I did was such an act of kindness, and she was so grateful. She told me, one day, when I am old, to pass that pin on to some kind stranger that did something for me that will make my day more pleasant. I never forgot her. The pin was stolen some years later, and I never got to fulfill her wish. But it helped me realize that our purpose in life is not a big mystery. Our purpose is to leave this world knowing at different points in our life, we made it a better place, left an impression on someone, made someone smile, or said or did something that made all the difference to another person. As I sit here now, thinking, I remember so many times this has happened, some things may seem trivial but to another person, or even an animal, those little things mean the world. I know you yourself can think of many times you have unwittingly touched someone's life. That, Carol, is your purpose. Have a blessed day!

  11. Thank you everyone for your comments. You have all given me so much to think about. I like to reply back to my friends personally, but I don't have Laurie's address. Hopefully she will come back to read this reply. I just want to read and re-read her comment. There are comments and articles all over the internet and on TV about finding your purpose in life. It really makes you think that there is something our there that is more important than simply being the best person you can be. It's really funny to think about that...not HA HA, but silly that we are made to think that we are not enough just by being the person we strive to be. This is really a good subject to think about even deeper than commenting here.. I think that I have certainly drawn like minded people to me. I am so grateful for you all.
    xx, Carol

  12. Loved reading your post...........but you are so creative and such a loving person......maybe you are living your purpose.........maybe you don't give yourself credit for who you are and you don't recognize it. I believe that God uses us to connect with other have touched so many with your words.......I think you are living your purpose more than so many do!


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