Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Let's Play A Game

Yup, this is me.  Terry is always taking candid pictures of me.  Usually he catches me while stitching, or eating, or watching TV in my recliner...no make-up and hair uncombed.  I find them and delete them because, well they are boring.

I found this one on his phone while searching for pictures taken at Kyle's graduation.

I love it.  For some reason it makes me snicker..laugh at myself. That's a wonderful thing to be able to do.  LOOK at me!  My face is as animated as my hands appear to be.  I look mad, but AM I?  You can see in my glasses the reflection of what I am looking at.

I challenge you to give my picture a caption.


  1. This is fun! Kudos to you for being willing to share a candid shot. I can't make out the reflection in your glasses, but the hands get my attention. They look like mine with arthritis. I am constantly shaking them and talking to them. In this case I'd be saying, "Work, dammit!!!!"

  2. Are you watching Dick Cheney on TV? Rush Limbough maybe? LOL

  3. Photo comment: "I told you over and over to pick up your underwear"

  4. Looks to me like your watching the news..........
    Considering that i yell at the tv when the news is on its just one more thing we have in common 😊

  5. I won't even attempt at a caption!! I'm not sure if you're watching a sporting event or it appears the shape of a woman!!??!!

  6. Oh dear - the first thing that popped into my mind for a caption involved your hands and picking up dog poop - but that wouldn't be very nice would it. Once that particular thought got into my mind, now I can't think of anything else. Aren't you sorry you asked?

  7. had to laugh at your candid photo-couldn't see the reflection in your glasses but what ever it is -looks like you have been taken by surpprise


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