Sunday, May 17, 2015

What Do You Do When You Can't Sleep?

Living with a person that has a mental illness that they won't acknowledge...won't take meds...and generally does not think clearly because of it is difficult.

It's like being on a roller coaster ride.  That's him in the front seat....I'm like Lucy at the end.

Anyway, that's not what this post is really about.  I've just realized that my blog is really a big part of my journaling and I find a serenity in posting.

The dogs usually wake me up at around 2 AM to go outside.  I'm not sure if they really need to GO, or if they know there is a critter in the back yard that needs a good scare.  (Probably the black cat that lives next door).  Of course Tyson comes to MY side of the bed and puts his head on the mattress and stares me awake.  Every once in a while he breathes hard and dog boogies land on my face.That WAKES ME UP!  Back to bed I go, laying there listening to the frog that loves to sit on the window sill and croak; listening to the trains howl their horns as they pass through every intersection in the town.  No lie, at night there is another train almost immediately after one passes.  We live about one mile from the railroad yards.  Then there are the kids across the street that come and go at all hours with their 4 wheel drive jacked up, exhaust tricked out truck. I'm  going to look into that because I am told drug dealers come and go like that because they deliver drugs...the buyers don't come to their house anymore.  He comes back pretty quickly so I suspect if that is what is going on, they are meeting at the local Walmart one mile in the other direction from the train tracks.

So anyway, that is what keeps me awake while my mind races to remember all kinds of things and wonder how to do all kinds of things. I'm currently working on embroidering quilt blocks that have a pretty elaborate pattern.  VERY NEW TO ME. So I am keeping it simple and stem stitching the outline only.  On dark brown fabric. My method of transferring the pattern by tracing with white chalk pencil didn't work too well. So since I couldn't sleep, it seemed like an internet search was in order.  I read an awful lot of posts about different processes.

This is what I chose. Print the pattern using my printer. Place the pattern over a piece of  transfer paper that is sold in the art department (not the waxy stuff that can be used in sewing). TA DA...pattern transferred perfectly.

I am so glad someone invented the internet. Information found, but I still couldn't go back to sleep.  As soon as I got in bed and got comfortable....there was Tyson staring at me again......


  1. Oh boy, I don't know Carol. Even if you could sleep, it sounds as if you have so much activity and noise around that you would be awakened anyhow. I don't have a lot of disruptions so sleeping is usually OK for me, but for the times I have trouble, I keep an antihistamine nearby. It helps my allergies too. No computer, sewing or anything of the kind when I'm not sleeping. If I get up, I'd need coffee, and my day would be started. Of course, that would mean I'd NEVER get back to sleep.

  2. You sound like me. Wide awake at 3 am listening to the night sounds and thinking. I wish I could turn my brain off sometimes. We don't have a dog anymore to wake us up but we do have a cat called Deva. She is one too:)

  3. Not sleeping isn't fun. Luckily I don't have a 'Tyson' needing to go out to make sure the neighbourhood is safe, which would just compound the problem. I don't dare get up because it promptly wakes DH who then takes it personally if I'm not in bed so I lie there, generally listening to HIM snore!!

  4. When I visited my Mom there in your town (she now has severe dementia) I could not "deal" with those trains-just sooooo many of them and noisy-my brother and her would say you get used to it-I could never get used to all that train noise. when we were growing up as kids we lived in Mishawaka about two blocks from the train-I didn't like it then either lol so I feel your pain--when we had our Nikita she always would wake me up too if she needed something or wanted to go outdoors we still really really miss her-she passed two years ago but was around 14 years old-we now have Miss Calico-we just can't bring ourselves to have another dog family member-we still miss our Nikita too much.
    I love the internet too-I use it for all sorts of things including learning how to do stuff-hope you can sleep tonight hugs

  5. Good golly!!!! I haven't slept through a night since, who knows when!! But not due to all you have going on! Yikes!!! But at least you make productive use of the wide awake time!! I have to lay there & think (which makes it worse!!) So as not to wake Kalee or my hu

  6. Carol, whether they acknowledge their problem or refuse's still no easy task. And those who don't live with the person can't really understand how difficult it actually can be....
    I don't have dogs....I like them well enough...from a distance! I much prefer my cats....I leave a window open for them and they let themselves out when they need to GO :) It would drive me batty if I had to wake up to let them out. Im looking forward to seeing your new block!

  7. Oh yeah -- the gears are grinding and the body is saying 'I need to sleep'. We have a quiet neighborhood and no pets -- but those 2 am 'wakies' still get me. I never get up because we have a small house and my moving around would disturb Tom. So I try to meditate - taking myself in an imaginary (old looking) ship out into space. There I see the most marvelsworks and wonders all in the comfort of my wooden boat (translate bed). *smile* Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

  8. I have a dog who needs to go out every night or I end up with a mess to clean up. I knew he had a handicap when I got him; I just didn't know it entailed getting up every single night when I have enough trouble trying to sleep the night through! So far I have resisted getting up for the internet searching or a cup of tea and a book as my sisters do. But the dogs are still great and love able aren't they! :)

  9. I got a giggle out of Tyson staring you awake!!! Sorry you have problems sleeping and are up at 2 AM!!! Eeek, dare I admit that often I am just going to bed at 2 AM?! That is to say, when I am working in my studio (a.k.a. small converted bedroom), which hasn't happened a lot over the past 6 months or so while I was clearing out stuff and throwing away mouse damaged things. Nothing like a country mouse invasion to make you have a good clear out!!! Worked in the garden with DH helping of course this weekend so will post soon with new pics of progress out of doors. Sheesh, it seems like my entire house in a state of flux!!! Oh well... feels good!

    Hugs for now my new blogging sister,


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