Tuesday, May 12, 2015

April CQJP 2015 Block

I have been moving right along stitching these blocks. Stitching while watching TV and any other time I might be sitting in the living room has become a habit. On Mother's Day, my daughter commented that everyone was on their phones "but mom is stitching away".  That observation made me happy because I really try to limit the time I live in cyber world.

Now, my blocks are in pause.  When I began the project, I only pieced 4 blocks.  I was running behind and wanted to start the embroidery.

So now I need to find something else to embroider until I get the blocks pieced. It's a habit now that I don't want to break.

I have learned which needle works best with each floss.  Sounds funny to read it, but as a beginner it's an accomplishment.

Since I re-made my stencils, I am better at marking the fabric using stencils.

I like to stitch embellishing the pattern of the fabric.

I like to stitch motifs.

I wish I had a stencil for letters.


  1. Your block is so pretty. Love the colors. I love to have stitching ready too. Don't like to just sit, Stitching is calming. Have a great day.

  2. This is another lovely block. I have no clue which needle to use for what. I trial and error -mostly error! It would good to know and I'm sure it makes the work go more smoothly. I hope you find time to piece some more blocks soon - I'll miss them :)

  3. I absolutely love the colours you're using - both in the fabrics and in your stitching. It's addictive, isn't it.

  4. I do so enjoy seeing your accomplishments!!! There's nothing better than hand stitching (well, may a little beading as well)...love the needle and thread!!

  5. How pretty this looks! I would rather be stitching than to be in the cyber world too!

  6. Hi Carol, I just popped over from KathyinOzarks after reading your comment. Just wanted to let you know you are not the only one who doesn't really care for going out into the world very much. I prefer staying at home and in my studio or in the summer months out on our screened in porch weaving or spinning. Your embroidery is absolutely gorgeous!!!
    Well, that's about it for now... talk again...
    Beth P

  7. What a beautiful addition to your monthly quilts. I agree that hand stitching is very relaxing. I can't believe that at one point in my life I used to watch television and do counted cross stitch. Its a wonder I'm not blind by now -- but it always felt good to have the fabric and thread in my hands.

  8. another lovely block, Carol! The richness of the colors ....the contrast with the blue bit.....beautiful
    What are you planning to do with all the blocks when you're done?

  9. This is very pretty, the colours gorgeous

  10. Hi Thoeria

    There is a page on my blog that shows the panel that I'm going to work the blocks around. I never make a quilt before, but it IS a learning process, isn't it!


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