Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I Got Bit By A Nasty Bug - Taplika

Oh, not THAT bug...not this time.  What I caught was a nasty computer bug called Taplika.  Don't ask me where I got it, or HOW I got it because I am a pretty careful surfer.  I feel pretty safe because I have Norton Security.

Taplika is a browser Hijacker that takes you where it wants to and replaces your home page to it's own and there are lots of places  on your computer where it inserts itself that you won't even know about. When I realized I had it, I did a complete Norton scan.  Still had it.

I remembered when one of the computers at work picked up a bug that was resistant to our security, our tech adviser told me to download this program:

It worked then and it worked for me at home this week. Now, my Norton keeps telling me some program is trying to attack my computer, so it probably has something to do with Taplika.  The scary thing is that I am now receiving phone calls several times a day from that scammer that calls you to tell you that they are from Microsoft and they are getting reports that my computer has a virus. My caller ID says they are from BUILDERS SQUARE!! I wanted to mention this here because I am just a little computer savey and I am so grateful that I didn't have to take my system to a tech to remove it.

Just remember when you are surfing, THERE ARE SHARKS IN THEM WATERS!!


  1. That sounds like what might be wrong with my mom's laptop! Thanks for the link and info! I will definitely check it out!!

  2. So much to be wary of on the Internet. A part of me hates it all, wishes it didnt even exist. Good for you, landing on your feet!

  3. Thanks for the link Carol. My business laptop is pretty much as secure as the company can make it, but I need to get my home one sorted....will be looking into this !
    You should ask those scammers why Microsoft is calling from Builders....

  4. My friend keeps getting those same phone calls...all hours of the day and night. Glad you could sort your computer out.

  5. I've only had a virus once. It asked me for personal info every time I tried to sign into one of my financial sites like my credit union or a bank. It was really good as the page looked like that institutions no matter which one I was going to but I know the banks don't ask for the info. We even called the banks to see if they were suddenly having a change of heart but no, they weren't so my husband ended up clearing out my computer and I reloaded from scratch (had a back up for my personal stuff thank goodness). I also changed all my passwords. Haven't had a problem since. I sure hope I never do either. Glad you were able to get yourself sorted out.

  6. So sorry you got bitten by the nasty bug. Miserable people that don't have anything better to do making life difficult for the rest of us. It would be poetic justice if somebody hacked THEM instead!

  7. Crikey! that is scary. I worry about getting viruses too. And I do try to be so very careful. Hope it clears up for you!

  8. Damn hackers and scammers .. always two steps ahead of anybody decent aren't they? Oh, and ahead of our banks too it seems... I've been having a situation with my bank that is pretty weird ... but, at least they put my money back and fixed the situation... we'll see if it lasts....


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