Sunday, January 18, 2015

Kyle Meets a Leprechaun

Kyle is my youngest grandson...17 going on ...well what can I say.  He NEVER takes a pic looking any other way.

Here he is at the Notre Dame basketball game on Saturday January 17, 2015.  It does NOT surprise me that he met the Leprechaun. But I am wondering if Kyle thought there was a pot of gold somewhere...LOL

Kyle is a gem.


  1. You never know what teenagers are thinking these days. Our weather has been absolutely beautiful here in the Midwest. I would love for it to stay, but I know it won't. You never know what kind of pictures grandkids will take. They even like surprising you. Have a great day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley.

  2. A very important life lesson -- laugh and do it a lot!!

  3. He seems to be enjoying himself!

  4. How funny! My own dear son is more an eeore, equal parts zen and sarcasm are his ruling star.
    I miss him terribly. He is stationed at ft hood, Texas does NoT understand him.
    I didn't mention how much I loved your color palette for this year's cqjp though you may want to add small bits of that yellow, to keep it from being too dark (it wasn't in your color bar).

  5. Fun picture! Reminds me of our son and d-i-love who never seem to manage to be in any photos where they aren't acting silly.

  6. 17? Already?
    Seems like yesterday that I first read about Ky and his brother.... I "met" their wonderful grandmother on 1/1/09. ( I had to consult the comment history of my blog to find that date!)
    Time flies - now he's a young man ready for new adventures. With his great sense of humor, he'll go far.


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