Saturday, December 27, 2014

Happy Week After Christmas

Mary Ann Tate posted links to color pallet creation sites. That got the ball rolling. I love this panel and having a site that will select the Kona Cotton colors to use with it started my creative juices flowing.

I have signed up to participate in the CQ2015 Project. I know this panel is not a typical crazy quilt focus.  Silk ribbon has no place here which is fine with me.  Lace will probably not blend well. But I have a vision of trims and threads and exotic stitched seams.  This is more my style.  This panel makes me ecstatic .. ..excited .. makes my eye search every element of the design. It will be my main project for the year.

Then there is Madam Samm.  She started a new site..   Sew We Stitch  .  Something vintage..something cross stitched or maybe something appliqued.  Hopefully I will participate in something Madam Samm be it stitched or quilted.  I LOVE Madam Samm, who is a very gracious blog friend.

You see, I am suffering NOT from ENS, which you may know as Empty Nest Syndrome once again.
 Corey has flown the nest to make his own way.  I wish him well, but must admit I see a path back to me.

Terry has begun to renew the kitchen.  After 12 years of being a maintenance manager at a large apartment complex and a year of retirement adjustment he has again taken interest in the maintenance and upgrade of ... yay...our home.  Ceramic tile is going up in the kitchen.  The cabinet replacement will finally proceed and new tile on the floor.  He works each day until he is tired, which gives him a couple of hours a day to work and he accomplishes a lot.

Here's to More Stitching!!


  1. Nice post Carol, and I'm checking out Sew We Stitch after posting this. Your blog isn't one with a Captcha, thankfully.

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you found something to get your juices flowing! I know how hard that can be.
    I have been thinking of joining the cqjp but having fallen woefully behind on the bjp I am wary of throwing a large commitment on my list. Though if I combine the 2........maybe. I need to think more on it. Good luck to your cqjp I look forward to seeing more froom you ☺

  3. You sound JOYFUL, Carol !
    And you already have such lovely plans for the upcoming year - very fun to read about them. I too, adore that cq color palette you've chosen .... yumyumyum. You should consider giving a shout-out for extra threads, trims, etc. to all of us out here who might have **extra** to contribute [if you catch my drift].

    Happy New Year to you & yours!

  4. I absolutely LOVE that photo... it is fantastic! Can't wait to see what you do in the CQ project, how fun! I'm glad Terry is finding things to keep him busy that he is enjoying doing and how awesome that the kitchen remodeling is moving along. Good luck to Corey, I hope he does well striking out on his own! Sending you big hugs and wishes for a Happy New Year!

  5. That panel looks lovely! I cannot wait to see what you do with it. :) Me? i get to pack all my goodies away soon..No playing for me for awhile... I plan on leaving a few things accessible but mostly i will be regulated to my sketch pad. Talk to you soon. Hugs! deb

  6. Carol I really like that color pallet and picture with the aqua and brown tones. Hope you had a nice Christmas and a wonderful New Year filled with creative projects.

  7. Good luck on your kitchen - hope to see pics of before and after?? Kids all grow up. My grandson came home for Christmas (from Alaska where he is stationed in the Army) and the day after Christmas he just couldn't wait to see his girl any longer and drove to Yuma (she's home from Alaska where she is going to college) to be with her. He'll be bringing her back to see his family and I plan to be there! I am so thankful for Facebook and texting as it lets me keep up a tiny bit with most of the family. I've been enjoying pics from Vancouver where my son went with his girlfriend to her family's gathering. It's the first Christmas in more than a decade that he hasn't been with us. Hope Cory does fine. Did he take his dog?

    Hope to see your progress on your stitching with this panel and colors you've chosen.

  8. I love this color palette! Rich and sensual colors. ENS can take it's toll too, but you have so many art projects to fill your time. haaaa like a new kitchen. I know it will look beautiful when it is done. Thank you for all the kind comments and words of encouragement for the loss of my mom. It means so much to me.

  9. Sounds like exciting times there in your home. You color palette is exciting as well!

  10. I've bookmarked your palette links, love that photo and palette you show. I look forward to seeing what projects you work on in the coming year.

  11. Oh, this is beyond beautiful!! I love the richness of the colors. Its going to be fun following along with you on this. Congratulations on getting a new kitchen!

  12. Thanks for the note re SewWeStitch - I'll check that out, for sure. Looking forward to seeing what you create with the CQ2015 project!

  13. how exciting for you - will be great to see how your project evolves. evolve being the word which sums up life, yes? constant change - it all comes down to what we do with it. if we embrace or reject, make it positive or negative. you are an inspiration!

  14. How very pretty! Cant wait to see what else you create! Wishing you a happy New Year

  15. I am bookmarking that color palette site..thank you for passing it along! And yay! an updated kitchen - sounds wonderful - enjoy!


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