Saturday, August 23, 2014

CQ class WIP

Here is my WIP for the CQ class I have been taking.

I am learning a lot.

I love roses...
I don't think I like manipulating 4 mm ribbon..
I'm a visual learner...
CQ embroidery is very forgiving...
It will take a lot of stitching to be proficient.

Notice I didn't say perfect.

Novice stitchers will see beauty~
Intermediate stitchers will too~
Experienced stitchers will remember when they began stitching and hopeful give suggestions and definitely will be encouraging.

I will remain excited to continue on this journey forever.....

Thank you Kathy Shaw.


  1. Your stitches are so tiny and exquisite. This piece reminds of my grandmothers runners. So pretty.

  2. It's wonderful! I clicked on the picture so I could see up close!!! Great work!!!!

  3. Hi Carol. Your stitching is looking really good. Love the colors you are using. That's pretty good there lady!! I used to love to sew quilts, small ones that is. Keep it up and before long you will be the one remembering when you last begin stitching and start giving suggestions to encourage other beginning stitchers. You go girl! Have a great weekend.

  4. Absolutely wonderful work (and I'm not just saying that!). One of the rules of CQ is that there ARE no rules and as you go along you will discover your own style of stitching and become more comfortable with it. Ribbon IS difficult to manipulate sometimes, so don't be discouraged.

  5. I love crazy quilting! Your work is beautiful!! Makes me want to get going on some crazy quilting again!!

  6. I think your stitching is very good! It is all so precise.

    Enjoy and it is always good to keep learning.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  7. So many beautiful stitches! I haven't tried CQ yet, but it sure looks tempting. My favorite part would be stitching the embellishments. Love those little irises!

  8. Looks as though your seam work passed with flying colors and the ribbon work looks great. Love the roses you will find you see patterns to stitch every where you look. Keep a notebook of your ideas, they will come in handy one day when you are wondering what to add to a piece.

  9. Your silk ribbon flowers are wonderful:) I found that part the hardest of all. Manipulating that silk ribbon was nerve wracking LOL.

  10. Your stitching is exquisite, I especially love the tiny iris, I've never seen that before. You are becoming very good at this.

  11. your stitching is lovely!
    I have trouble with SRE stitches too. some are easier than others, leaves and straight petals, french knots.
    I have found that one of the tricks to SRE is firm but loose control (oxymoron much?) you need a firm grip on the needle and the back silk but the stitches on things like roses and the "blousier" flower stitches should be a little loose.
    a difficult thing for me. i am used to tiny small tight stitches and this forces me to go big and (to my mind at least) sloppy.
    SRE covers so much ground I almost feel like I am "cheating" in some way.
    as you can see, I am still not sure of myself when doing SRE and I tend to use it sparingly in my work because of that.

  12. This is beautiful no matter what category of stitcher is seeing it...simply beautiful!

  13. I love embroidery and I think your stitches look great!

  14. As a girl whose favorite flower is a purple iris, I feel qualified to pronounce yours "gorgeous"!

    So nice that you are taking us along on this creative journey, Carol. :-)

    Can't wait to see what's next. xo


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