Thursday, July 10, 2014

Surprise Gift for Someone Special

I've known her for two years.
She only liked dainty post earrings.
Then he bought her a dangley pair.
She called them her new obsession.

Out came my beads and tools.

Don't you love it when the person that you
make a gift for is surprised and treasures it!

What gifts do you like to make?


  1. Those dangle ear rings are gorgeous. I am sure she will treasure them. Hugs Judy

  2. I have a couple of pairs of earrings that my d-i-love made for me and I treasure them. I feel special when I wear them because I know she thought of me when she made them. I know your friend will treasure these too! To answer your question (sort of)....I listen for my friends to mention that they like something and write it down...then I have a list of what they like to draw from. Sometimes when we're shopping together my friend might mention that she likes something and I'll go back later and buy it for her.

  3. Carol, these are lovely! I don't think they are very heavy either, so that should be appreciated by someone used to wearing posts. Very, very nice! My handmade gifts these days tend to be my little vessels, fabric boxes, and soaps. They used to be quilts, but I got quilted out, lol!

  4. Ha! The people who make up my world are gifted with whatever craft i'am making at the time....Bwwwwaaaahhhhhaha.... yes feel sorry for!

    All kidding aside... yes it is nice when you can tell someone is genuinely surprised and loves it.Lovely earrings Carol! Hugs! deb

  5. These are lovely!!! And what a nice surprise for your friend...

  6. Those are beautiful! My handmade gifts are usually quilts or bags is so e sort.

  7. A very nice gift. When I first started making earrings some 50 years ago, I had this notion. Earrings remind us to listen.

  8. I love to gift with dolls that I've made. They are always so personal to me as I make them, that sending them off to someone else seems like sending along a part of me.

  9. Hi Carol. Hope you are doing better with your allergies. Love your bead earrings. That's a very nice gift. And very kind of you. Have a great day.:))

  10. Simple, elegant and lovely; what's not to like? I love to make lots of things to give away but maybe best are the quilts.

  11. Handmade gifts are the BEST! I know she will treasure these :)


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