Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 4th was Tyson's Birthday

July 4th was Tyson's first birthday and boy did our neighborhood throw him a party!!

Music could be heard from all directions. Loud bangs from M80s went off everywhere.  There were LOTS of aerials when it got dark.  We saw them from the firework stand that's 1 mile away.  We saw the ones that the houses on the river set off over the water.  And of course neighbors on every side of us got in on the celebration.  How did they know it was Tyson's day?!?

But Tyson was not impressed.  In fact he was scared to death.  He hid behind Terry's chair.  Then he got behind mine.  Then he found a cubby hole next to the couch and the wall.  When he wasn't hiding I was hugging him.  He didn't get to sleep until WAY after 1 AM.

Usually if Tyson is nervous he his calmed by his Daddy's presence. But Corey and Brandi went off to Chicago early in the day to enjoy the antics happening in Chi-Town.  They pack their bikes on their car and make a day and night of it.  They chugged in about 3 AM.

This is a picture taken July 5.  They are both SACKED OUT!!


  1. Aaawwww look at that!! Poor Tyson. Poor Jinx too! He was so upset with fireworks he missed the litterbox. And that is soooo unlike Jinx....I think maybe the fireworks started mid-pee?? Anyway they were pretty terrible around here. The neigborhood literally exploded. Gosh people are able to get a hold of some pretty powerful fireworks these days... rattled my house ..Used to be you had to go see a professional show to see those.....i don't know how wise it is to let the everyday 'joe' have them. That said... at least they didn't burn my house down...but i do wish they'd clean up after themselves... :) Hugs! deb
    PS . Almost forgot.. Happy Birthday Tyson!!! Give him some extra hugs for meee!!

  2. I always feel for the puppies who start panting with the first firecracker. Our area was filled with the same sounds, but our kitties didn't mind. We once had a dog who got out and ran away on July 4th, luckily a kind soul took him in and we got him back. Another dog we had used to hide in the bathtub. Poor babies.

  3. Awww - poor Tyson. Not a fun way to celebrate a birthday. I'm sure he would have preferred an extra-large bone enjoyed in peace and quiet.

  4. Looks like a great furbaby hug to me!

  5. Happy Birthday Tyson! So sorry it was so scary. Poor dogs, I wonder why so many are so frightened of fireworks? My two had to put up with neighbors shooting off theirs and they handled it pretty well, just a bit nervous and a bit of barking.

  6. Seems like the bigger they are the more afraid they are! My son's 140lb great dane is afraid and yet my 16lb baby sleeps through it all...but....she'll jump if I drop my scissors onto the table! Go figure! Happy BD, Tyson!

  7. My dogs have been terrified for the last three nights! I literally have to hold on to my big girl, the German Shorthair Pointer! It's such a scary time for the dogs. What a way to celebrate Tyson's birthday!

  8. it's" scare the crap out of your dog day" otherwise known as the 4th of july. poor Tyson!

  9. That picture is beyond precious! I've got one girl who is terrorized by anything that even remotely sounds like fireworks or thunder. Summer here in FL and the 4th of July require meds from time to time.


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