Saturday, April 5, 2014


I have really been cleaning and re-organizing closets and storage spaces.  If it has been sitting around too long...its gone.  In one closet, I had these 16" grid squares that go together with holders kind of like the old tinker toys. The grid openings are 2".

For a really long time I have been envisioning making a bird feeder that will keep the squirrels out. When I took the grid unit apart a light bulb went off.  I put the sides together with plastic wire ties, except one side that I left loose so that I could lift it to replenish food. It needed to be locked closed to keep the squirrels from opening it.  Squirrels are smart little devils!  I had a hard time finding  something to keep the door closed tight enough so that the little buggers couldn't open it and crawl in.  After trying many hooks and loops and all sort of stuff, I came across some old key chains from the 70's/80's.  The ones they had before someone decided that we needed the round ones you can never open.  That did the trick!!
Now we call this feeder Circus Squirroleil.

I outsmarted the squirrels and now Terry is laughing at them instead of B****ing about them!

I edited this post because I didn't mention that  I keep a platform feeder full of the same seed that's in the "cage".  The squirrels can eat all they want, but they just want to get into that feeder!!


  1. You are such a clever girl Carol! I have such a soft spot in my heart for squirrels but I know what little piggies they are at the bird feeder. They always lift the top off of mine and sit inside, happily stuffing their cute little faces! Your invention looks like the perfect solution. "Circus Squirroleil"...what a hoot! Have a fun weekend watching the acrobatics! xo

  2. And the birds don't mind fitting through the squares? I take it the squirrels can get food elsewhere? Someone in my neighborhood must be feeding the squirrels because I find an occasional peanut shell in my yard. I don't favor feeding them although if we don't have any natural habitat for them something has to happen. I live where a lot of people have gravel front yards and dirt backyards so it's pretty tough for the wildlife. Right now birds are eating my grass seed patching! I don't appreciate that but the seed should have sprouted already and hasn't. Suddenly we are having more winter than we did all winter!

  3. The squares are 2" sq so nuthatch, chickadee, sparrows, titmouse and other small birds go in and out freely. I have other feeders up for the larger birds and have quite a variety visit every day.

  4. haha! you've rallied against the "rotten Rodents"! good for you!
    It took us a long time to figure out where under the leni to hang our bird feeder so it was safe from their depredations. I have discovered they don't like the feel of Styrofoam and shoved a 2' long piece in the rafters
    on one side they try to get around it and one tried to eat it but they don't seem to like the "squngie" feeling of it, ha!

  5. There is a lot of entertainment going on at our feeders!

  6. Very clever's good that the other birds are being fed as well. have a great Sunday.

  7. OH i miss my bird feeders and bird bath Carol! I need to make an extra effort to get the one i have up and running. What a genius idea you had to keep the squirrels out! I'm so glad you still feed them elsewhere. I just love them. We had a couple at our house in TX. I had a shallow bird bath and on hot Texas days he would lay in the bird bath flat on his belly with water up to his chin in the shade of the pecan tree. What a life. :) Hugs! deb

  8. Great idea! You should sell those. I feed a bazillion birds and squirrels and chipmunks here too. It has gotten to where I just broadcast most of the seed on the ground so the varmints....I mean, the cute squirrels can't sit and hog the whole feeder. I also have a few hanging feeders that only a couple of squirrels have figured out how to reach. It is always a challenge. But I don't mind feeding them all.

  9. Genius Carol, We only get a couple of squirrels right now but I'll have to remember that in the future just in case. LOL
    Hugs Lynn

  10. Great idea Carol! I love this feeder...we have such a time with squirrels also. Erg!

  11. Squirrels are such cute little critters, but they are so destructive. They would empty our feeder in under a day...after climbing up three stories of brick wall to get to our balcony. The management painted the brick which seems to have defeated most of them and we've only seen one over the winter. There are lots that wait on the ground underneath the feeder hoping the birds will drop something their way.


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