Thursday, April 3, 2014

April Fourth Friday Challenge ~ A Bust

Barb  started it all.  Well, not really.  Gene Black started it by posting about weaving on a card board box loom.  Then Barb and her husband made a frame of wood, tried it, tweaked it and there you go.  I loved what she did and found a frame to turn into a hand weaving loom.  This is my first try.  I have to admit that I grew tired of weaving worsted weight yarn.  I really didn't like how it was going to I cut it off.

But WAIT!!

After it was cut, I really liked how the weaving looked.  I'm saving this piece for...I don't know what..but I think it will show up on a doll sometime in the future.

My loom needs tweaking.  There is a metal rod down each side that I made from coat hanger strength wire. It's not nearly strong enough to keep the sides taught.  I also used it as the last string and realize that it should have been right next to the last one for stability and used in unison.

I'm going to try this again as soon as I figure out what kind of metal rod to use.  I'll also need bulkier yarn, or use a few strands together as Barb is doing with her most recent piece.  Or perhaps I'll try using fabric.

I like to use woven rugs in my decor.  I keep one on Terry's recliner to protect the back from his head.  I also like to use them on the end tables and dressers.  My home is eclectic and sort of rustic and I'd really like to try this again.

So, this month's challenge isn't really a Bust.  It's a learning experience.  It also gave me a few ideas of how to turn this craft into my own.

What have you tried that didn't turn out as you expected.  Did it deter you, or did it inspire you to try a different path.  Sometimes you have to give yourself time to perk a better idea!


  1. Have i mentioned the yogurt and nope it didn't deter me thats why i'm STILL working on it. :) Love this idea Carol. Especially the idea of using fabric. Can't wait to see what you end up making with this idea! Hugs! deb

  2. It's good to keep learning and trying new things. I like your weaving and I'm sure you'll find a good use for it.

    I have two tiny looms that make miniature weavings. I need to do that again as it was fun, once I got the hang of it.

    Happy Creating ~ FlowerLady

  3. So great you are venturing out into other media!! What fun...and it is 'fun' too trying to figure out what works and what doesn't work!!!

  4. I had my kids make looms like this but without a metal rod. They just had to be careful to keep even tension which didn't work out exactly but mostly was okay. I used the weavings for years as doilies. I think I gave them to the kids when they got homes of their own. I like weaving with beads but don't do it because I can't think of anything to use it for. I don't wear bracelets and where I'd put a wall hanging I don't know. Waiting to see your next try! Cotton yarn wouldn't stretch as much as the knitting worsted which might make it easier to keep an even tension.

  5. I like your little piece very much Carol. What a clever idea to make a loom out of a picture frame! It will be fun to see what you weave next. ♥

  6. Hi Carol. I like your piece. You are really getting into your art now. Great job. Continue to have fun.:)

  7. Seeing this reminds me of watching a neighbour work on her huge floor loom. How I wished I'd been able to weave the wonderous things she turned out.

  8. What a great little loom you made...I think using fabric in slim strips would be a great way to use the least you tried something new and who knows you may decide you like it after all...

  9. What a great little loom you made...I think using fabric in slim strips would be a great way to use the least you tried something new and who knows you may decide you like it after all...

  10. How funny we both tried weaving at about the same time! I enjoyed it but I don't think I'm going to run out and buy a loom any time soon!

  11. I found this post finally! and I am so proud of you, Carol! I did the same thing, put metal rods down the side that were not strong enough. Then they were replaced with what I think are 1/8" steel rods from the hardware store. They were still a little bendy but I didn't go larger because I didn't want my finished piece to have loops when the rods were removed. So, to keep them from bending inward, we tweaked my loom again by adding screwed in wyes half way along the edge for the rods to go through. I'll send you a pic by email. It works great, and you are correct, you use the rods along with the last string as you finish a row for stability. A number of my abandoned woven pieces have ended up on, or as, dolls! Yes, double that thin yarn, even triple it or more. And I love using fabric strips! The whole project goes much faster.
    I cannot believe I have missed so many posts from you. I will catch up one at a time. ;)


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