Friday, February 28, 2014

February 4th Friday Challenge

I while ago, I had the idea that I would like to make prayer flags. I love burlap, and the seemingly burlap fad fit right into my plan when I found burlap ribbon at Hobbly Lobby. Where the Fourth Friday Challenge comes in is that I actually started the project last year.  I tried stitching the words in cross stitch.  Busted . .  due to the uneven weave of this 5" wide ribbon. Refusing to abandon the ribbon, I switched stitching to a running stitch weave in yarn.  Still not happy with the end result, but I'm keeping the flag.  It was stitched during the Olympics.  What could be more symbolic of a peace flag that stitching and re-stitching trying to get it right.  Symbolic in the fact that many peace agreements are hammered and re-hammered seeking a resolution for all parties involved.

You may remember that a few posts ago I mentioned that my niece was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent radical surgery.  She has had two chemo sessions with a few more to go followed by long term medication.  Some tests have been inconclusive which has caused a lot of additional stress.

I switched to stitching on the letters using pony beads.  I didn't even remember that I had a box of them left over from when the boys were little.  Stash Busting makes this project more meaningful for me too.  I found a pattern for a crochet support ribbon HERE

This flag has a personal to me meaning.
The Sun has always been my symbol of Hope.
In the spirit of Prayer Flags I will fly this flag sending prayers of Hope into the Universe and await them to be returned to me for my personal intention.

The flags will be an ongoing project.  I'll continue to make them in this fashion.  When the 3 feet of remaining snow in my back yard melts, I'll decide how to display them.  My personal mantra is "A Thought Is A Prayer".  Each time I look at them I'll be sending prayers into the Universe in hope of a better world.

My flags are rather primitive...I seem to be into that right now....

Thank you my friend A Creative Dreamer for hosting the Challenge.  
Please think about participating.  Its an open challenge of you choice. June makes it really easy to comply!

Best wishes to everyone who does, or does not read my posts.  Remember...
                             A Thought Is A Prayer


  1. Love your flags, so much meaning behind them.. beautiful mantra. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. These are great Carol!! I love how you kept sticking with it when you were not successful at first. All three are wonderful!

    I love the idea of prayer flags.. Have thought of making some of my own but they have been regulated to the back of the list! I so hope more people join in with Fourth Friday Challenge. This is my first time and i think it just might be the kick i need to get some projects done!
    Hugs! deb

  3. Beautiful post Carol! I love the prayer flags and can't wait to see them displayed...after the snow melts.

  4. I love, love, love the idea of prayer flags! I've wanted to make some of my own forever now... this just might get me going on them! I think yours are great, I hope the prayers they send forth bring all the goodness possible back to you!

  5. Deb, I thoroughly agree! This Challenge is perfect for anyone because you make it your own. Since retiring, I had difficulty getting focused on new projects and following through. This Challenge is perfect for me. I link up with a couple of link parties too in hope to draw more to the challenge. Don't you just love June (A Creative Dreamer!)

  6. I love your little prayer flags. I think you should attach them to bamboo poles and put them in the garden. The Japanese fly their paper ones outdoors letting the elements eat at them carrying the prayers off to where they need to be. Then they make new ones!

    Hope your niece finishes the chemo with great results. I can see how the stress of inconclusive results would be so bad. She's already gone through a lot to try to get rid of the CA but then the results are not so clear? That's when you want to rail at life and God that its just not fair - which it isn't.

  7. Hi Timaree

    YOu can't see in the picture, but the top of the flags are folded over creating a tunnel to thread rope through to hang them. I also left jute ends of the jute I used to sew the tunnels because I am unsure how to hang them and wanted to leave my options open. I LOVE the idea of attaching them to bamboo poles! That would really suit the landscaping in the pond area. I think we probably have bamboo poles around somewhere which will satisfy my need to recycle too! Thanks, friend, for a great idea.

    xx, Carol

  8. Hi Carol, loving your prayer flags. It's time for me to make more. They hold meaning for me too. Nice post and good to see you.

  9. primitive is good for burlap it would take the patience of job to make something "finicky" with it.
    the learning curve on burlap is pretty wide,unless your a 4 year old-they seem to have no trouble making fun things with the stuff!
    as it is such a wide weave, it's hard to keep it from wiggling under every stitch, that said your doing great!
    I have no patience for wiggly fabric, i mercilessly tac down satin and velvet within an inch of its life, to get it to stay where I want it and your switch to pony beads was genus!
    I don't think i would have thought of that.
    interesting that we intersect on so many little things "every thought is a prayer" is a thing for me too. one of my persistent symbols had been the moon and stars....

  10. Nice work Carol. I love the primitive nature of your material. Sorry to hear about your niece. I will keep her in my thoughts.

  11. Your beaded prayer flags are awesome!!

  12. These flags are wonderful, Carol!
    So full of hope...

    You say "a thought is a prayer" and I totally agree but, you know what? As I viewed your work and read your inspiring words - this post actually felt like a prayer!
    Thank you xoxo

  13. Carol, these are so precious and inspiring! Hope your niece improves and gets better. Your flags are so wonderful for all of the meaning you have put into each one. My wish for you is that your prayers of Hope return to you tenfold! Such wonderful creations!

  14. Hello Carol. A very lovely posting. Pretty pray flags. Hugs Judy

  15. Thank you for visiting my blog.
    What a lovely post and the prayer flags are gorgeous.

  16. I do love your precious prayer flags Carol. What a great idea they are! ...I hope your niece gets some good clear results very soon, and she finishes up her treatments and is over this hard time in her life for good. xoxo

  17. Hi Carol, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  18. What a great idea, love the flags! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the sweet comments. I scrolled down a bit and found Bosco. How sweet is he? What a cute little puppy face. Of course, they grow quickly,and get into some trouble but what would life be like without them? Can't imagine.

  19. Primitive? I don't think so! I think they are all reflective of the process of prayer - what we pray for and how we do it isn't always perfect or what is expected. God doesn't care as long as we talk to him. Your prayer flags are all wonderful!


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