Thursday, January 30, 2014

4th Friday Challenge

I absolutely love the art that June creates and shares on her blog A Creative Dream.  I have been reading her posts for a LONG time.  I needed a jump start to start the New Year off with a new project.  June supplied just the incentive I needed.  You can read about the 4th Friday Challenge here.  It's perfect for me because the challenge is entirely your own .  June set up a link party and I have linked this post to it here.  I am hoping that someone that reads about it will decide to share  your challenge on her post next month.

I came across a UTube vid done by Teesha Moore.  Tracy is a mixed media artist,  but what caught my eye was a fiber project she did.  Basically she made little fabric "pillows" and sewed them together to form a padded fabric of sorts. She made a journal from hers.  I wanted to try the technique and use my fabric to make a purse.

I gathered some of my heart/valentine fabrics and cut 3" squares. Tracy uses polyfil but I didn't want mine that poofy so I used batting, but did use her technique which is a little primitive.

For me, this project is a challenge in a few ways.

 Getting started was a challenge. Due to some family issues, a death in the family and the winter snowstorm(s), I got off to a late start, but none the less A START!!

The fact that the technique is working with and tucking in raw edges by hand was a bit difficult for me.  Usually I am using a machine with every bit measured and pinned before being stitched.

Determining how to embellish each square has been a joyful task that I consider to be practice, though a little difficult because I don't want to give the patches a Crazy Quilt effect.

So there you have it.  A little bit of stitching, a little bit of beading and a whole lot of satisfaction.  Though the patches are a continuing project, I will have something different to show for the February  4th Friday Challenge.


  1. Yeeeaah Carol! A start!! And what fabulous start it is!! Love the idea of turning that technique into a purse! I might have to think of something for Fourth Friday now too. :) Can't wait to see what you show next month! Hugs! deb

  2. Thanks for linking Carol... the one and only link... let's hope it grows! I love what you're doing and I can't wait to see the progress as you continue!

  3. Can't wait to see the purse you make out of it! Some of Teesha's stuff is pretty wild but I still like it. Every once in a while I do a page in her style. I don't have magazines to rip up which hampers it a bit. I don't think I've ever paid attention to her fabric stuff.

  4. This is very interesting...congratulations on your START in spite of January's challenges. May the remainder of your year be much better! :)

  5. Doesn't it feel wonderful when starting a new project! I can't wait to see your finished work.

  6. Yay, Carol!
    Will look forward to seeing your purse - whenever! :-)

    I love the idea that the challenge has no rules on what to make or when to finish. Viewing a "work in progress" is every bit as interesting to me as a completed project.

    Have fun! xoxoxo

  7. Hi Carol,

    I'm so sorry your January started out so sadly.

    I love your puffy little patches, and can't wait to see more! I think a purse made out of these little darlings will be so pretty. Love your embellishing. Such fun! Have a fun week stitching!

    xo Paulette

  8. I'm liking your patches, and am eager to see what you do with them. Good beginning! I enjoy Teesha's work too.

  9. I know what you mean about trying to resist the influence of crazy quilting - you've done a great job with these.

  10. Thanks for the interesting link. The wide world of internet creativity is fascinating to me. Being a Gemini, I've known all my life that I just can't get involved in all the wonderful thing that appeal to me. I've had to say no to much because I just can't stretch 24 into 48 or 50 that I'd need. Frustrating! So there are many good things I just watch -- more and more since the internet entered my live quite a few years ago. Fun to read your blog and look in on others like the Friday project.

  11. Sorry about your beginning year problems, but you went ahead and started a challenge. I have started 2 and am challenging myself to make big quilts to enjoy. We will see.

  12. oh how fun, I'm so glad you are still being creative (or starting again?) ... I look forward to seeing more! ;)

  13. Hi Carol. Stopping by from Grow Your Blog. It's good to see that you are now able to find the time to do lots of fun things at home. Yay for retirement. Have a wonderful day.

  14. Hello Carol. Your wee fiber patches are gorgeous. The embellishments are great. Hugs judy

  15. I love did great! Have a great weekend!


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