Monday, September 23, 2013

Serenity Now

 In recent years, I have been on a quest to eliminate drama from my life. Oh, I know everyone has some amount of drama. But I realized the fix was a difficult decision that I couldn't make.  Circumstances beyond my control brought issues to a head and for the first time in a very long time I am truly in a peaceful place. Add retirement to the mix and ....well .... It's All Good.

So, since I have pretty much been an absent blogger, I want to share a few of the highlights of my year.  Funny how so many of them evolve around my grandkids!

Corey and Brandi have been dated for about a year now. Here is a pic of them before they went to the prom.
Brandi is still in school so I suspect I will share this event with you again next year.  They are such a sweet couple.

Not a very good pic.  I'll blame that on a new camera that I didn't really know how to set for this distance.  But anyway, a very proud day for Corey and for us too. Did you  breathe a sigh of relief when your kids graduated high school?  There was never a doubt, but still it's reassuring.

This is quite a story. About 4 years ago, Terry went to a barn sale and saw a cow head curing on the wall and wanted to buy it.  Not for sale, boo hoo.
Ky found out that the barn was owned by the school custodian and asked him if he could buy it.  No..but Marty would let him know when he had another.  Ky reminded Marty often.  Soon Marty was reminding Ky that he would have one soon (which is not really THAT soon).  On Father's Day, Ky asked me to drive him over to Marty's farm.  The head was ready.   Meet Miranda.  She is still curing out by the pond.

Then in June, Ky turned 16.
His passion all summer was fishing, so of course we got him a fishing cake.

And we supplied pizza for him and several of his friends.  He looks a little grubby because we brought the pizza over after they fished all day. He thought it was a perfect birthday.

Then in July, Brandi turned 17. She fanatically loves going to the beach so, of course, we gave her a Beach Party.

One thing I didn't mention is that Corey has moved back to our home.  He remodeled two bedrooms to one large one and has made a very cool Man Cave for himself.

Since the start of his boxing training, he has wanted to have a Boxer dog.  So, meet Tyson.  He is absolutely the sweetest pup ever.  He was born on July 4.  This pic was taken on August 24. He was driving Junior nuts wanting to play all the time, but now Junior just ignores him.  No way can he keep up with this pup!

So, there's the year in 60 seconds! Since retiring I have gathered boxes to send off to Goodwill and caught up on some cleaning.  I'll be painting walls next week or the week after. My computer has had the dreaded blue screen twice so I suspect I'll be looking at new computers very soon...this week. AND..I'm  going to try to tackle the weeds again where the bees were/are...hope they are GONE!!


  1. I have been absent to so and it is good see that you are doing well! I hope I can catch everyone up on our life changing events too!

  2. How fun to catch up on the past year with you - you are sounding so grounded and peaceful. Being your 'own' boss can do that to a person!

  3. what a beautiful post - filled with lots of the sweet in life... this is wonderful. and what a sweet pup! i am so very happy for you to be returning to yourself. you have certainly earned it. and what a wonderful grandmother you are.

  4. life has a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it...
    I have two kids graduated now and yes, so big a relief you've no idea!(you do but well you know.)
    looks like you are well on your way to Carol-zen-damme
    as to the cow head, I can only say, ewww....

  5. So one of the grandson's couldn't stay away huh? He's old enough you shouldn't have to be taking care of him though so it shouldn't be too much besides which, a girlfriend tends to tame them down a bit. LOL. Sounds like you are staying involved with their lives which is good. Glad your retirement is starting off so well. Let's hope those bees are really gone so you can keep on enjoying it!

  6. Aaahh the 'Blue Screen of Death' as my computer guru hubby likes to call it.... uugh... So nice to catch up with you! And i look forward to you posting more often. Sounds like you've managed to keep yourself very busy since retiring! Tyson is just adorable! And Corey and Brandi look to be a striking pair!

    So very nice of you to take Corey into your home. And not one but TWO rooms! He must be one happy camper!

    Our weather here has turned very fall like ...thank goodness... I have roast and onions and mushrooms in the slowe cooker and the house is smelling good. Hope your having a wonderful day!! Hugs! deb

  7. What a great post Carol. I enjoyed this very much. Looks like it was and is a very good year. I wish nothing but the best for you, but watch out for those bees. Tee hee. Love the puppy. Nice photos too.
    take care, Gloria.

  8. I was enjoying reading your post very much and THEN....I fell head over heels for Tyson! All I can say is awwwwwwwwww.......

  9. When I retired, I cleaned for 3 months!!! Must be something all women do first when they're worked hard to get here!

  10. I'm glad to see that life is good over at Beads and Birds! I'm happy for all of you. Except maybe for the cow. kidding. Now that cow will be enjoyed far longer than most cows. I too seem to collect skulls whenever I come across them.

  11. So glad that you are enjoying grandkids and retirement not necessarily in that order. I like your schedule of "no schedule". It is amazing how others want to fill up your time. LOL

  12. Corey's prom and graduation pictures are wonderful, Carol...

    and it looks as if Ky had a great birthday celebration, too! How can he be 16 already?

    Wow, those cakes are something else! (I especially love the flip flops.)

    Junior will always be top dog, of course, but Tyson sure is adorable.

    xoxo! :-)

  13. Loved reading your catching up. So good that you are enjoying being your own boss!

  14. What a year you have had. Even though I absent myself from reading blogs a lot, I enjoy catching up with your life. Congrats on the retirement. I am sure you will enjoy every moment. Hope you remember to have fun and find peace everywhere.


  15. Serenity indeed. Corey looks very happy and I'm sure it's nice to have Brandi around. Wait until you start doing projects together! I'm with you on the sending to Goodwill front....I have a ton of organizing to do in this house. I'm going to start a drawer/shelf a day...starting next week....*wink*

    So glad you're happy. Why don't you wait another week or two before you tackle that bee area. It's going to be summer weather around here this week and I would be too scared they were still around...

  16. I enjoyed reading about your year and seeing all the pics too. Such cute grandkids Carol, and that puppy is adorable, and those birthday cakes were gorgeous! I agree with Susan. I'd wait a little bit longer for the weeding. There are still lots of bees buzzing around and yours may still be hiding out ... just waiting! xo :)


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