Saturday, January 26, 2013

W hat Do YOU Do With These?

Eight of these come to my house every month.
Nope, they don't fall out of the sky.
I have to actually go to Walmart and pick them up.
And they are NOT free.
I actually pay a lot of money for them.
I wondered what to do with the empties.

They are good for beads and buttons.

You can keep $10 in quarters in them . That makes a great Christmas  fund.

You can keep them in your purse to store change.  No more digging...and they are most helpful at the cash register.

Google and Pinterest didn't yield many useful ideas.

If you have any ideas.  Any at all.  Please let me know.  I refuse to send them to the landfill.


  1. You covered it all for me, BEADS, beads, and MORE beads!

  2. Ohhhh, Carol... do I have something for you! Google "Bottles of Hope"... While they use glass bottles for the most part, I've done clay on bic pens that were made out of a plastic similar to medicine bottles, and have had no problem at all. The images will give you tons and tons of ideas though... and don't forget, while they use clay, you can also add fabric, beads, buttons and whatever else you can come up with!

  3. We go thru a lot of pill bottles too...i just peel the label off and recycle it with my other plastic...and like you i store some beads in them i'm not doing any better than you than dealing with them but hey at least they aren't going to the landfill right?Hmmmm maybe pharmacies should have drop boxes where you can return your empties and they can somehow sterilize and reuse??? Hugs! deb

  4. The little medical clinic on the island where I live has a twice-yearly recycling program & these are included in the takebacks. Perhaps a similar program is available in your area?

    But I like that Christmas fund idea!

  5. I use mine to organize with....I have them in a letter holder with scissors in one, pencils in another and my magnifying glasses in the third. I have them by my stitching chair to hold my crochet hooks, glasses, scissors and seam ripper. If you put them into a larger container to stablize them from falling over they are an organizer within an organizer.In my bathroom they hold eye pencils, tweezers and lip pencils.
    I like your tip on using them for change!

  6. I use one for broken needles.

  7. Seeds for the garden. I label my husbands prescription bottles after he is done with them. Either for tomato seeds, etc. You get the picture. I heard of one person using them to store some of their last wishes in these containers and putting them in the frig with a label that says some of my last wishes. :) Have a great rest of the weekend.

  8. Ours are larger and come in different colors. But they are all recyclable, so that's what we do.

  9. These make me think of the baby food jars as organizers for every little thing. We took a little board and nailed the lids to it, then attached the jars and hung it upside down. Just unscrewed a jar of nuts, screws, washers, etc when we needed it and put it back when done. Wonder if you could glue the lids to a board and do the same thing with these?

  10. mini sewing kits - cover them with pretty paper and give them as gifts. I think a couple of sewing bobbins of thread, a couple of needles and some safety pins would fit in quite nicely.
    Idea #2 - glue a number of them together and place them inside another open container & use to organize things like small tubes of makeup.

  11. Thanks to everyone. You have given some excellent suggestions. Sometimes you just need a little push in another direction!!

  12. Everyone gave good ideas, I don't have any prescriptions but my dogs do and I usually put extras into recycling but find uses for others for storage mostly. Seeds, beads, my pot (just kidding).

  13. Hey Carol.

    I use them to collect bent, rusted or nuisance sewing pins. Rather than just tossing them in the trash. I tape up the container and label it "sharp items" before tossing the container in the trash.

    I also use them to store used sewing machine needles. I change to a new needle before each new project. The "old" needle is fine but I like to start a new project with a fresh needle. So rather than toss a perfectly good needle, I store them in the prescription containers for later, if I ever need one in a pinch.

    You have some good suggestions. (I also use them for seed beads, but you probably do that too.)

  14. I have really enjoyed reading all of the wonderful suggestions! The "organizer within an organizer" - I'm stealing that one!

    Even though these little bottles have a recycling symbol on the bottom, some communities don't accept medicine containers for recycling - I have no idea why but... just something to think about.

    They do have a pretty amber color. Maybe you could drill a hole in the bottom and put twinkle lights in them and use them for decoration?
    OK - maybe not...

  15. They are wonderful for storing seeds in! Wish you did not have to have so much medication........prayers lifted and sent your way!

  16. They are wonderful for storing seeds in! Wish you did not have to have so much medication........prayers lifted and sent your way!

  17. I'd have to put them in recycling or throw them out as I can't figure out how to use so many of them!

  18. Great idea using them for quarters! I never know what to do with mine either.
    Hugs Lynn
    P.s. Thanks for entering my giveaway and best of luck.

  19. Everyone has such great ideas! Glad I saw this post.

  20. Like Terri, I use mine for broken needles. I keep one by the sewing machine and put any broken machine needles, rusty or burred pins etc in it. Then I throw the whole container out so that no-one gets stabbed with them putting out or collecting the rubbish. I also keep one in my handbag and one in my toilet bag with a couple of days worth of medication in case I forget to take it when I go away or go out. They are also great for saving seeds from flower plants - and other small treasures.

  21. Wow what great ideas and I have been tossing them out.

  22. How convenient that they hold coins! Life to the full! Melissa


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