Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Finding Balance

Like 56%  of the country, we are in draught conditions.  This is a pic taken this morning at  8AM.  Yep, that's rain.  Pouring rain.  A thunderstorm.

Here's a better picture. Its 8:32 and still pouring. I hope it makes a dent in our needed water.

Life is all about finding balance in every aspect of your life.
I strive to achieve it, but outside influences put up road blocks.
I have forgotten to utilize the power of positive attraction.
Recent events have been out of my control, and I need to find my stride and balance again.

Laurie and the kids had moved to a rental home in a pretty good neighborhood. Promises were made to her about certain things that would make her home more safe and other repairs that needed to be made.  Like plumbing that would accommodate the water discharge from the washer. There was a murder a few blocks away which scared the hell out of her. Without going into further details, she moved out in a rush a few weeks ago.  We made a place for most of their stuff.  Gave them a place to sleep temporarily and pretty much forced her to find a better place to be.  That worked out well. They are now in the apartment complex where Terry is the Maintenance Manager living in a second story apartment.  Moving yet again was a lot of turmoil for the kids but I think they like it.

Corey has a girlfriend.  O, he has had a few.  But for the last couple of years he has focused on sport training and pretty much ignored the girls that follow him around.  Then came Brandi.  Gosh she is a sweetie.  Always laughing with him and at him.  Corey, Brandi and Ky have become a threesome and it is so joyful to watch.

I have had a lot of time off work.  Terry had a terrible RA flare up last week.  I can't remember one this bad since he was first diagnosed. I stayed home with him one day and got him into his RA doc. After some lab testing of fluid removed from his elbow, RA doc referred us to an Orthopedic Surgeon. I'm not sure what I think about the result of that consultation. We are waiting that one out.

So, that brings me to this week. I have taken 3 days off to bring balance back to my being.
Bringing my home back to order.

Tomorrow we are back to the RA doc. Terry is in an experimental drug program and tomorrow is a couple of hours of testing. It would appear after last week that the drug is not working. Terry and RA doc will evaluate whether Terry will continue in the program, which he has been of for a year now.

Think about a washing machine that is in the spin cycle and the load has shifted to one side.  That has been July.  And I haven't even mentioned the changes at work.  We are in a new building that is beautiful. But to save money, we have one big beautiful open office that has those movable partitions  to separate 3 offices for Sue, Charlene and me.  Not cubicles, just dividers.  Our areas look into a common area, so at times it can be very distracting.  It is not working for me.  I need a door to close to be quiet at times...I'm on the phone a lot....so, I have moved in my countdown to retirement...that is kind of sad for me.

There you go.  I'm slowing down the Crazy Train.  I'm going to check the weather, get another cup of coffee and move to my sewing machine.  I can always find balance there!!


  1. Sorry to hear you've had such a crazy time of it lately! Good for you for taking a few days off to find center again... and let the rain keep falling!! We need it so badly...

  2. I think everyone, no matter who, finds their life "off balance" at times. Just know I am lifting you up in prayer and hope it all settles soon!

  3. I'm so sorry things are off kilter at the moment but 'this too shall pass' helps me get thru the tough moments.......

    Hey since those partitions are moveable can something be arranged to give you more privacy?

    Thats terrible about Terry and his RA. Hubby has tennis elbow (bursitis) and its awful when it flares up and i'm sure RA is much much worse! Thinking about you girl! Hugs! deb

  4. Oh yes Life! Crazy, out of our control, drama filled.....pretty much the norm huh? LOL

  5. well, that is a great visual with the washing machine -
    balance is hard to find sometimes, but you will get there... on the inside... like the center of the washer - things spin around it, but it stays centered...
    wishing the very best to all of your family - and am glad that your daughter and boys are somewhere safe... my best to terry... and always, always to you...

  6. Woo Carol looks like you are the one sprocket keeping everything from just going out of control. Yeppers you need to have some place or time for quiet reflection time.

    Raining here too. I can't believe I'm actually happy to see it rain...but I is!

  7. Oh Carol,
    Way too much for one month . . .

    Thinking of you and sending love and hugs.

    So glad the kids are ok and that you are taking time to recharge.

    Hugs for Terry, too!


  8. My goodness, do you ever need some quiet time at your sewing machine!!! I hope things settle down for you Carol, and this little bit of time off helps to calm your nerves. Wishing the best for your Terry as well. I hope he's feeling much better real soon. xo Paulette

  9. Yay for you, Carol! I hope your three days off do the trick for you. I had the same thing happen to me (office to cubicle or worse) and it makes privacy and concentration virtually impossible. At least we get that at home.

    I hope Terry and his doc get the RA under control. It sounds like mine is minor-to-nothing compared to his, so I am sending some good karma your way.

    Take care, both of you! Somehow, your "load of laundry" will straighten itself out!


  10. Wow - it sounds like you have altogether too many balls in the air at the moment. Please take some time to breathe and do something that makes you happy. Take care!

  11. Carol, things will get better. You know they will. In life we all get our good, bad and ugly. Sometimes we really get the bad and ugly more than the good. We always come out ahead. It's part of life. We have to take the bitter with the sweet and just keep thinking of the end process. You'll be okay Carol, you are a strong woman. Sending you lots of ::strength::hugs::and friendship:: Take care dear amiga.

  12. Just seeing this. I hope since a few days have past that things are calmer for you. Hope you were able to just sit and sew. Sorry about all that is going on. Planning to retire earlier than planned sounds great. My last day at work was the day I turned 62. And I have never regretted it. Time for you to schedule some ME time. That will put the Balance back where it needs to be. Keeping you in my thoughts.

  13. We have a few days of rain ahead of us - the temps being above the 40th degree C. As I am writing this I can hear thunders in the distance - quite exciting! Love your down pour pics - looks reviving!
    Hope you find your balance and your soulmate feels better!

  14. Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way, and Terry's way too. Oh, and your daughter's way too.

  15. It's been two weeks since you wrote this post, I hope things have settled back to something better by now. it always seems to come in waves, hard times. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and hoping life is a bit easier this month.

    I also caught up on some of your older posts that I missed and enjoyed seeing the raccoons and critters and yard art and nail art and all that stuff!

  16. Wow, Carol... I hope you had a good break to balance out.
    It seems little break-outs of chaos are happening all over.
    Hope the kids are doing great and resettled well... and sending healing hugs to Terry with wishes for his RA to quiet down.

  17. Lovely seeing your rain. I have missed it so much this Summer too. I loved seeing all the wildlife in your garden. They are a joy to watch. Hugs Judy


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