Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Backyard Entertainment

Can you guess what kind of baby bird this is?

Here he is, peeking out.
Actually, there are 4 babies in there.

It was Memorial Day weekend.  On Saturday, we were watching this baby poke his head out farther and farther.  I bet Terry that he would be out by Sunday.  A couple of minutes later as we watched, that little
bird jumped out and off he went.  Pretty soon all 4 babies were flying around the pond.
Here they are, meeting at what I like to call The Birdie Bistro.  Its a real birdie cafeteria serving
a variety of seeds and suet in a variety of feeders.  Something for everyone.

Here is Papa Blue eating Meal Worms out of a
feeder designed especially for him.

And, of course, pictures of my feeders would not be complete without a picture of this baby. The picture is deceiving because this IS a baby.  I actually pet him and asked him to wait while I went to make him a peanut butter sandwich.  He took that bit he is eating right from my hand.
We have a larger variety of birds this year. Orioles, Cat Birds, Cardinals, Blue Birds, Hummers, Chickadee, Titmouse, Nuthatch and Finch are just a few that visit us. So far, its been a great Summer.

Oh, by the way.  That first little bird is one of our blue bird babies.  The parents have started another family in the same nest box.  I'd love to know if these are the same birds that were here last year.


  1. Love the photos of all your little visitors Carol. I love when the yard comes to life. We have moose, rabbits and Pheasants in winter, but summer brings out all the "little" guys that are so much fun to watch. Have a wonderful summer.

  2. Wow amazing what variety of birds you have. I'm so hoping someday we get a family of Finch around here and I only see the Orioles over around the hospital, but I can wish.

  3. i just love this part of my life as well... what a wonderful group you have at your house, makes you wish you could just watch them all addition to all of the birds (i had a wren family in my garage), i have loads of squirrels and chipmunks... a raccoon visitor and even a ground hog! makes me so happy...

  4. How wonderful Carol!! It would be so exciting to have a squirrel eat right out of your hand. Hubby tells me his mom had squirrels like that, that she would feed peanuts. Hugs! deb

  5. How cute! And think about it, all that entertainment is free to enjoy ;)

  6. wonderlandwoodsblog.blogspot.comJune 7, 2012 at 3:13 PM

    Wonderful photos! I feed birds too, but haven't been able to get such great pics. Love the baby squirrel. Have you given him a name?
    -Starr White

  7. You really have connected with them. How did you start loving birds?

  8. Great pix, Carol :-)
    Love the first one, especially.
    I'll bet the birds are hoping you *never* move and take that tasty birdie buffet with you.

    So happy to hear you're having a nice summer. :-)


  9. How wonderful they came back!
    we have blue jays, red heased woodpeckers, chickadees,a few humming birds, crows,pheasants,eagles, juncos and towhees that I've seen and about a dozen or so that I haven't seen just heard.

  10. Wonderful!!! I LOVED this post! I'm a sucker for bluebirds and you've got them in spades this year. My box has wrens...not that I don't like them too, but they're nothing like the feeling you get when family of bluebirds decide to nest in your yard. I'm SOO glad you're getting a second brood in the same box. I'm sure all the beautiful animals know where there is good energy and lots of love...I think of your backyard as a kind of sanctuary...xo Susan

  11. BLUEBIRDS in your garden?!?!?! How absolutely wonderful...what I wouldn't give for a bit of that blue joy flying around this place!

    Lovely post, Carol. I am bird-living vicariously through you ;>}}

  12. I wouldn't have guessed right! I seldom figure out the differences unless it's major like a dove versus a sparrow. He sure looks feisty. They are so lucky to have you providing the cafeteria for them.

  13. It is so wonderful to have all of these kinds of birds to visit you! I am not sure about the bluebirds, but here in Texas, the barn swallows return every year and reuse the same nests.

  14. What sweet babies you have! Our birds this year have an exploding population since we lost our cat to illness. And we have red-bushy squirrels, too. Sometimes a hedgehog shows up, and the bats have returned...

  15. Carol, your poles are wonderful! These are the perfect spot for hanging your beautiful treasures and I can just imagine the sound when a soft breeze passes through your yard.


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