Sunday, June 24, 2012

Are These Totems?

 Do you ever wonder why you love what you do? Why we keep close the things we love to see or feel.

Terry started to put up poles in our pond area and would find treasures to hang from them. I've shown them here before..but one grew to two, two increased to three and now there are four.

Wind chimes abound at the pond.

There is a wide variety of glass, bamboo, shell and pipe.
 There is one hanging here that my grandson Kyle made in metal shop at school.  It hangs in a prominent place and of course has very special meaning.   He made a birdhouse for me one year for Christmas too.

There are other items on our poles.  Everything that Terry finds and loves..metal steer heads, mermaids,
whirlygigs the kids have bought us and a variety of items mostly metal.  Any time you look out the window you can see a bird perched here or there.  I guess they love them too!

So why do we both love these poles so much. It's a question I have often pondered.  We always say we are  opposites, but in truth we are very much the same.  We often say that  the Universe brought us together and wonder if in fact there is reincarnation, we know that we knew each other before.

 Here is "The Chief".  You have seen him before. He is my forever love.  Someone left him for me to find and he always has a prominent place at the pond.  He watches over our critters and reminds us that even the smallest deserve our respect.

And finally a picture of those darned fish that have grown from tinies with some grown now to over 15 inches from tip to tail. A gift of serenity and meditation.


  1. Carol, what a beautiful and serene garden you have! How fun it must be to BE in your yard, just strolling and taking it in, then relaxing and enjoying a place with things that bring you happiness! Those magical places evolve continually, don't they? That is how I feel about our yard, too, and it is such a great source of calm and peace! Hugs, Cathy

  2. Fifteen!
    Looks to me like Terry has created a magical garden around the pond.

  3. I love the way your yard looks! The poles are amazing looking. It must be so relaxing to sit and look at this.

  4. Carol what a beautiful backyard you have! I would love a pond, but I have Fiona who would be in there and try to catch all the fish. Someday...someday...

  5. Carol, I love your yard. How wonderful to see all your treasures. Love your fish too. It looks like a wonderful place to just sit and think and right by the fish too. Thank you Carol for sharing your happiness. Have a wonderful. I'm off and on again because of busy things. I'll be posting next month some time early in the month. Take care and enjoy your paradise.

  6. These totems are marvelous. I would love to do something like that but my beloved would not.

    It has me thinking though about what I can do.

  7. oooh! your back yard must sound wonderful! all tinkly in a breeze and bongy in the wind. I also have windchimes up all over the yard.
    its part of how my yard "speaks" to me.
    my yard here is only 3 years old(thats how long I have been working in it) so we haven't had a chance to find things for it yet.
    yours looks to be an oasis in a noisy world!

  8. I like your totems - I'm a huge fan of wind chimes, but don't dare have any in the apartment. Have you seen the wonderful bottle trees? One of those would fit beautifully with your totems I think.

  9. Hoping third time's a charm, tried leaving comments last night but got errors instead.

    Love your "totem poles" and getting to see your treasures. Of course, I always love seeing your pond area :)

    Hmmm, may have to try the pole idea when we figure out how to get our yard set up with sitting areas again. Your windchimes are wonderful!

  10. Hey Sis :-)
    How fabulous!
    You and your guys have created such a special place - full of peace and beauty, where you can refresh your spirit whenever you desire. You're a lucky girl! xoxo

  11. I think your fish are big! How many mosquitoes and tadpoles do they eat?

    I don't know about totems much but I think you are creating a haven where you and your husband can be yourselves with your own expressions here to keep you sane in a world where everyone is mass-marketed into being the same and where you can dare to not be "cool" but just who you are regardless of whether others like it or not. I think most people would like your spot though!

  12. Oh I love your totems and am also a collector of wind chimes - nothing like the sounds of sweet chime music blowing in the wind. What a fun yard you have!

  13. I just love your totems! I'm also a collector of windchimes. Nothing like the the sweet music of chimes blowing in the wind. Terrific and fun yard!

  14. You have created a work of art outside. I could sit with my morning coffee each day. Thanks for sharing a little part of your world.

  15. Hi Carol! :D I would give anything for your wonderful pond and yard! I love your poles! What a great idea to hang the treasures you've've got the gears in my mind turning as to what I have that I could possibly hang on a pole. I really want to add a little fairy garden in my backyard flower garden as well. So many little time! Thanks for a great idea!!! xo Paulette

  16. Your garden is filled with reminders and respect. The wind chimes to remind us of the power of nature and to have a healthy respect for all of God's creatures. A very nice yard, a place I would love to visit.

  17. Hi Carol. Just popped in to say Happy Fourth of July to you. Have fun and take care. Oh I love your yard.

  18. Loving the things we do and collect is what makes us all so interesting! Love your garden!

  19. I love this! I have lots of found treasures that would be perfect for this type of "yard sculpture". Wonderful idea :)

  20. So glad to catch up here, love your Chief!


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