Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I'm Getting The Hang Of It

Here is block 1, Rev A. (That's blueprint lingo.  Can you tell I work in manufacturing? ~lol~)

Anyway, this block went together much more easily, but I still had issues.  I kind of sewed myself into a corner, but it turned out OK.  I still have a lot to learn about piecing the background.

In my next piece, I'll be working on using smaller pieces and working in a second round of patches.

I also see the value in keeping small pieces of fabric that I used to discard. Making CQ background blocks is NOT as easy as making the pieces for a BOHO bag using Gerry Krueger's method.  But I am enjoying the process and wondering what I will learn when I piece the next block.


  1. Oh-yes--never throw those little pieces away, they will come into use later on...this is beautiful--it's fun to learn something new, I know!

  2. Yep you are getting the hang of it!

  3. Congratulations to you, Carol, on your stick-to-it-iveness(?). I never got that far with CQ. Love the building in this block!

  4. Tell me to be quiet, but I still love the first one!
    xoxo :-)

  5. Are you doing this all on your own or as part of a class? I took a class on encrusted crazy quilting but never finished a square much less anything larger. I love the look of them more than I like making them I guess. I will enjoy watching your progress!

  6. Here's a little suggestion you might try - begin with a five-sided piece and work your way outwards from that. Having an odd number of sides seems to make the block more interesting.

  7. YAY! It's so good to stop by and see your CQ vision beginning to unfold. Your chaos block wasn't bad at all to me, but frankly it doesn't matter what I think, it matters what you think.

    With CQ, i box myself into corners all the time, have a piece block I don't really like, a quirky corner, a place where the seam comes undone and frays...

    The beauty of CQ is that those constraints give you a great creative opportunity. How do you turn that which is lease attractive into something lovely? I don't think there is a right way to piecing. Some of my favorite antique CQ quilt have really random and unattractive piecing...if you just look at the piecing. Yours looks like perfection compared to those...but we don't really see the piecing do we? We see the overall expression of a vision.

    YOu have a great gift in expressing your emotions through your work...I remember many of your bead journal projects as some of my favorites...I have no doubt that you will be equally as successful CQ. I'm just so glad you STARTED!!!! Congrats!

  8. Am very excited to see you venturing in crazy quilting. I think the block looks great. I found I frequently ended up boxing myself into a corner when I first started sewing blocks. It takes a bit of time before you figure out how not to do that. Enjoy!

  9. Very pretty! That is the whole fun of the process is learning as we go. Think of what you will know and be creating a year from now!

  10. Thanks Carol for stopping by my PPF. Love what you are doing. Have a wonderful weekend dear lady. Take care.

  11. Manufacturing reference? I got it! Worked 15 years in that realm...

    CQ is on my list of things to dabble with - great for handstitching experiments!

    Thanks for stopping by today...


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