Monday, May 14, 2012

I Could Not Meet My Own Challenge!

I have a blog friend, Penny, who lives in a wonderful place in the middle of all the nature I could possibly want.  I love the pictures she post showing spots near where she lives. She posted about mudflats and looking at not so pretty things  in a different way.

So, off Terry and I went Saturday morning on our weekly trip to run errands. We take the county roads and avoid the highway.   I intended to take may camera, but forgot it.  I'm not that good until my coffee has kicked in. Anyway, I kept an eye out for something of nature that I might think was not so pretty.  The idea was to snap a pic then show you here a tell my thoughts.

When we started out, Terry said right away that it didn't matter I forgot my camera because he didn't think I could find anything in nature that I would think not so pretty.  Heck, I love FROGS and think lizards and toads look cool.

But if I had my camera with me, I would have taken a picture of scenes I thought were interesting. I saw a bike laying along the road.  Looking past it to the cornfield being tilled I realized the farmer rode it there to get to the tractor he was riding to till the field.

Then there was a fabulous white barked tree.  It might have had buds, but it was too far away in the middle of a plowed field.  Perfect shaped with stark branches forming an impressive silhouette.

I could have shown you the landfill.  Not what you are thinking.  High, very high, hills covered with grass and torch pipes protruding that are used to burn off gasses.  Somewhere on the other side is the trash.  It can't be seen from the road, but on certain days you know its a landfill by the smell.  I often wonder how people can live near it.  Heck, the county even build a huge new county jail/criminal complex across from it.  I suppose there are filters in that building to keep the odor out.  I hope I never find out.

So Penny, I missed the challenge, but I did look more closely at the scenes that I usually don't notice.


  1. so it sounds as if the big picture of the challenge actually was met... and it was all the more difficult for you because you can appreciate so many different things for what they are... thank you for sharing your thoughts and painting mental pictures...

  2. There may be no pictures but your story of looking at stuff was awesome.

  3. Yep, even without a photo image, I was able to visualize and create my own picture. Thanks!!

  4. Hmmmm - we have a landfill here too and a newly built jail closeby. Maybe part of the punishment process is to have to breathe the landfill gases?

  5. The mental picture was just as good Carol. You got my brain to working. Thanks for that. Nice post, nice trip. Have a great day.

  6. You know what Carol, the journey itself is worth more pictures than you can imagine. You took time to just observe and created this mental picture for your reader.


  7. It's true, Carol! :-)

    Your words illustrated the things you saw so well that none of us needed a photo to "see" them.

    Thanks for helping us exercise our imaginations! xoxo

  8. You didn't catch photos but the bike scene sounds great. The landfill doesn't sound so great but if you are looking for the good side, well, it's out in the countryside and it's taking care of garbage a whole lot better than having it pile up in front of homes! At least you enjoyed your car ride.

  9. You still had the 'pictures in your mind' so you still shared with us!!! Thanks!


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