Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What Did You Say????

I wanted to get up early today.  I guess Junior thought I meant 3:30 AM when Opie (the possum) came to visit. So, I had an early start to a good day.

 Terry had an appointment at the VA Clinic in Ft. Wayne for a hearing test. We had decided that we would leave whenever we got up and have a nice relaxed trip.  It takes about 1-1/2 hours to get there. We go to Ft. Wayne every now and again.  There is always someplace to visit.  Its a big city.

Now, its official.  Terry has lost 1/2 his hearing in both ears.  O, what 1/2 you ask?  Well, the 1/2 that hears HIGH pitches.  You know the ones that his wife's voice pitch falls in.  Now he has an excuse ~lol~

Seriously, he has been hard of hearing since before we met. Its probably from the big guns, whatever they are called, that he shot while in Korea.  He served at the DMZ during the conflict when North Korea took our Pueblo and its crew captive.  I guess the next step will be to look into hearing aids.

 After we left the clinic, we had lunch and then checked out some shops on the way home.

It was a nice day with quiet time spent together.  The kind of day we don't get very often and cherish when we do.


  1. Sounds like a nice day. We travel about and hour and a half to the VA hosp in Big Springs, Tx. Hubby has hearing aids from them when and i mean WHEN he wears them. lol He goes thru spurts of wearing them and not wearing them. Not wearing them allows him to have selective hearing with

    For any big health issues we have to travel to Albuquerque, NM. We've made several at first....hiking and balloon rides but its getting old. Crazy we have to travel that far but when its free health care all you gotta do is get there and they pay most of that then what can you really complain just a pain in the butt.....and the time off work for him to go. deb

  2. My husband has a similar problem and is very proud of the print out the doctor gave him stating that he has trouble hearing female (and childrens) voices). He takes every opportunity he can to boast about it too and I'm quite sure uses it to his advantage when he doesn't want to pay attention to me. Funny, but it can be annoying!

  3. I personally think this condition is an excuse written in the Men Manual that is required reading for all guys. ~lol~

  4. of course the real difficulty will be once he's got hearing aids to actually get him to use them. we have our biggest arguments at home here because a certain person has "state of the art" hearing aids and expects them to work in the drawer! doesn't like the sound, if you don't mind!!

  5. So it might not be my imagination that I'm not always heard! I'm still smiling at Kaite.

  6. Carol, I think I agree with you... it's in the Man Manual. It's a great excuse though...

  7. I am glad you two spent a nice quiet day together out and about.

    If hubby has too many "selective hearing" days, you could just bop him over the head. Lovingly. :D

  8. Carol, I love the cartoon! Thanks for the smile ;o) I am sorry about the hearing loss for your hubby, but I agree with thisyearsdozen, just lovingly bop him over the heard! LOL! I am happy you had a nice day together ;o)

  9. It sounds like a good way to see a city on occasion. My husband lost some of his hearing from the big guns on the ship he was on during the Vietnam war. He was the lucky one to get to load them and it was before they had the ear plugs they use today. I don't know why I've lost so much of my hearing though. I did see some great hearing aids at Costco this week which even have Bluetooth built in so you can answer your phone when driving or listen to music and other stuff. Pricey yes but they sound like you'll really be able to hear again.

  10. kinda sad, that all of us commenting, have stories about war time hearing issues, and not rock music hearing loss....wouldn't it be more fun if you could say, 'my parent has hearing loss because of all the screaming at the Beatles concert'...

    i actually dropped by because of a comment you left on susans blog, plays with needles. about your kids not caring about your husbands treasures. the kids might not care at the moment, but they will in the future. they will remember the 'dad really loving these' moments.


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