Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Medical Mystery

Well, its been a month since I posted.  

Its been a crazy month.

I had a bad day.  Bad enough to stay home from work. Had some pain, and other symptoms.  Called the doctor for an appointment.  Thought I needed to have a colonoscopy.  Now, I have to tell you that I have been careful to monitor any symptom that might call for the test.  My mom (aunt that raised me) ignored symptoms.  She died from peritonitis caused by diverticulitis.  The doctor agreed, I had the test. I have diverticulosis.  A warning to eat more fiber.

BUT, during the initial exam, we had discussed  pain I had that NOTHING to do with that condition.  My doctor ordered an ultrasound of my gall bladder.  I had pain under my right ribs.  I also had shoulder pain that I had thought was a pulled muscle, but was lasting a long time. I was occasionally nauseated.  The ultra sound showed my gall bladder was full of stones, and what looked like a cyst on my liver.  Last Thursday I had surgery.  Imagine my surprise when I was told the cyst was actually a second gall bladder!  I was a medical mystery.  My surgeon was excited because he had never seen anyone with two, let alone two with ducts from the liver to each of them.

So, I'm here to tell you, do NOT ignore pains or symptoms that you think (hope) will go away.  Both of my conditions would have gotten much worse if ignored.

Now, I am looking forward to two quiet weeks at home to recuperate. As I have been reminded by some of my friends, my body has been through a LOT in the last year.


  1. crazy that you have 2 gall bladders. are the stones in one or both? strange! it sounds like you have a really rough month, and i hope you rest and feel better. i also had my gallbladder removed...instant relief when it was over. take good care of yourself!

  2. Oh my gosh, Sis!!!!
    Ever since I met you, I've known you are special, and one of a kind . . .
    you didn't have to prove it with two gall bladders. ;-)

    Thank heaven you listened to your body. Hope you get a little extra attention from the family as you recuperate!

    Sending much love to you,
    Crissie xoxo

  3. Glad you were smart enough not to ignore the symptoms! It's so easy to assume pains will just go away. Hopefully you'll be able to enjoy your recuperation time! Take care.

  4. Holy cow Carol! Thank goodness you had all this taken care of. Glad you are on the road to recovery.

  5. Glad you got that taken care of in a timely fashion. It is easy to ignore symptoms and imagine they will just go away on their own.

    It's funny, I was thinking of you today, wondering if I had missed some posts of yours. I guess I didn't. Glad you are okay now. Try to make the best of your down time, what ever that means for you. I'd be reading a lot.
    Two gall bladders. Who'd a thunk it?

  6. I hope you are now feeling well, my dear--make sure you rest a lot and if it doesn't hurt or cause trouble have fun crochetting or knitting (or beading!)
    Get well soon!

  7. Oh no...not a fun time. Hope you are on the heal and feeling well soon. Two gall bladders. I knew you were special.

  8. Wow... two of them eh? And my mother's doctor was excited when he took hers out because of some abnormality he found in its duct...

    Try to rest up... and definitely get better!

  9. Thanks for the reminder. Rest and recover!

  10. Yes, thanks for the reminder. Speedy recovery to you and glad you got everything taken care of. Best wishes to you.

  11. you are definitely special inside and out! agreed, you have had a year of physical challenges - and you have hurdled each one with grace...

  12. You will now be a journal article at the least, maybe even a medical book! I'm glad you found out what was going on. I'm you feel better SOON, and eat that fiber!


  13. Get better honey!! goodness, this kind of excitement you don't need again!

    here's to R&R and maybe the minions can wait on you hand and foot for a while!)

    or maybe(just maybe!) you can catch up on some of that CQ you have been neglecting!)

  14. Poor you - double the trouble! Glad you got sorted. Seems like you are having a bit of an MOT at the moment! (That's the UK term for when you get your car checked every year!!)

  15. Hi Carol!
    I am just learning how to blog again after many months away!!! And look what I discovered. You are truly a miracle. 2 gall bladders. Oh my. I think you should take more than two weeks of quiet time. Two months may be more appropriate! Stick with two's!

    Wishing you a speedy recovery...but slowly. Your new look is beautiful!

    much love,

  16. Two gall bladders! Too bad one of them couldn't have been stone free and left in to work for you. Bet you'll be feeling better after you recover from the surgery.

    Thanks for my happy birthday wishes. Got a new modem today since the old one wasn't working anymore. Kind of a surprise gift from the DSL people, lol.

  17. Hi Carol,
    yes, you've been through a lot lately, but never cast off the thread of optimism. I wish you a fast recuperation and ease of mind!

  18. Best wishes for speedy recovery - but not too speedy... take the down-time to be crafty and creative. Take it easy - you deserve it! :)

  19. I'm pretty convinced you have two hearts too. Heal well, my friend and enjoy the time off!

  20. Hi Carol ;o) Thanks for coming by my blog! I am now following you ;o)I am sorry you had to go through all of this! You are right about not ignoring pains! When I went into the hospital, I was having pains that felt like someone was stabbing me from the inside out. There was a lot of things wrong, but the doctors thought I had diverticulitis, I was hoping not, because my mom has it. But, from what happened to me, I have a form of it. It's not only fiber to eat, it's to eat things that work with your digestive system. I found out, less red meat for me the better, also, to stay away from dairy and spicy food. I know everyone is different. Please take care of yourself and sorry about the long post! ;o)

  21. I don't check your blog for a couple days and you fall all apart!! That will never do. I am so glad you went to the doctor. Thanks for the push. I NEED TO GO.

    Take care of yourself. And follow your doctor's orders. :D

  22. I totally know this pain! Glad you had the smarts not to ignore. This is so funny because when they checked for my gall stones it was discovered an extra spleen. Yep it is fun to be a medical mystery!

  23. Dear Carol, no wonder you hadn’t been feeling well. One gall bladder was pain enough for me (now it’s gone), but two! As previously expressed by others, that just proves how special you are inside and out. Best wishes and hugs to you, sweetie!

  24. Rest and get well, my friend. Hope by the time you read this you are better and not in pain. Happy Thanksgiving.

    Hugs and much love!


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