Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Diamonds R Forever

The best presents I have ever received from Terry, have been the unexpected ones.

For a long time I have wanted a ring that fit just right on my thumb.

Even though my gem of choice is not diamonds, and my metal of choice is not gold, I cherish this ring.

Because "diamonds are forever, like you and me, and gold is preciouse, like you are to me".  That's what he said after surgery.
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  1. Neither are really my choices either Carol... but with a sentiment like that, I think it could become a favorite most certainly! How sweet.

  2. Yes, it is sweet. And smart because he KNEW if those diamonds were any bigger than chips, I wouldn't have been very happy to receive them. ~lol~ Actually, as you might guess, what he said is what made the gift so precious.

  3. Oh Carol!
    So sweet...So romantic...So Terry!
    Would you give him a hug for me?

  4. go terry! it's always the thought behind the gift that makes it special

  5. it touches me so deeply when people are in tune with each other and care for each other in the most important ways... knowing you are valued and cherished is important... i am glad you received this gift...

  6. Wow, a husband who pays attention. You are a lucky couple. It is a lovely ring.

  7. Oh Carol, I just now saw about your surgery. I don't know why it didn't show up in my blog-feed, but I should have know to check as I have been thinking of you often. I am so glad you didn't wait and got to the doctor. Big healing hugs to you. The ring is beautiful and it's meaning is so special. I will be keeping you in my thoughts for healing and quick recovery.

  8. Lol, I just told my husband yesterday after seeing a diamond jewelry commercial that what they were advertising would wreck my Christmas if that is what he gave me! I understand the sentiment though and it would be precious to me under the circumstances.

    I just got the notification that this post was up and now I see another new one I haven't been notified about. I wonder why they are so slow.

  9. When we are surprised like this it is a gift we never ever forget! Way to go Terry!!!


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