Sunday, October 9, 2011

In The Halloween Mood!

So, this is how I used the mums. This is looking out one of the patio doors onto the front deck. 

I love this gargoyle.  So does Junior.  He sits in front of the window and stares at him.  Then he lays down.  Then he falls asleep. But he is always on guard!

And this is how it looks at night.  There are orange lights across the deck rail.  I plan to leave it up until Thanksgiving.  

The stores have all holiday decorations out.  I strolled through Menard's Christmas display admiring their decorated trees.   There is something magical about a Christmas tree.  And Christmas is not THAT far off.

How about you.  Do you decorate for Halloween AND Thanksgiving AND Christmas?


  1. I abosulute love what you have done here. I could have this in my back yard year round. Ohhh but you would have to come do it for me. LOL

  2. do you have bales of straw on your front deck? i used to use them for veg garden surrounds, they are very homely and warming, fab to sit on.

  3. I love the gargoyle! One sleeps on my bedside table... keeps the nightmares away.

    I'm afraid I didn't even decorate for Christmas last year, much less Halloween or Thanksgiving... maybe this year.

  4. Carol that one magnificent scenery!
    I'd love to sit outside enjoying the view!!

  5. Nice and fun decorating! I don't decorate for Halloween as my husband doesn't care much about this holiday and no one can see them where we live anyhow. For Thanksgiving I'll try to set a pretty table and put out a table decoration for the weekend. Christmas I don't do really anymore as we go to our daughters for the holiday. I'd like to put a few things out but that means getting the big box out and going through it for a couple of items - not on my husbands big list of to-dos! I do have a lit up cactus wood tabletop decoration my daughter gave me that I put up. Sounds like a real bummer doesn't it? I'll be with my daughter for Halloween though so really all the holidays are covered, just not here.

  6. This looks great! I love decorating for Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas. I'm lazy though and haven't done anything yet. You've inspired me to get busy though!

  7. we have gargoyles in the gust bathroom and under the TV I feel safer with them there!)
    I usually only decorate for yule tide but I have all these witchi-poo hats.....

  8. It all looks wonderful, Carol! :-) And that pumpkin is a prize-winner. I always look for a near perfect pumpkin. Looks like *you* found it this year, though! As far as decorating? I love all the holidays and love to decorate. I've scaled things back a bit since the kids have grown up, but I still bring out my favorite seasonal decorations. (Love your new pic!) xoxo

  9. That looks really great!!

    I usually do not decorate for Halloween but this year I plan to get some fall flowers, a few pumpkins and a bale of straw. Just a little bit to nice up the place.

  10. I love your display for Halloween - you make more of it in the US though than over here. But I will have some sweeties on hand for the kids that come 'trick or treating'. I also love gargoyles! I used to have one that was a replica of one from Notre Dame in Paris. Can't think what hapened to it?

    Christmas is when I really go to town. I'm planning a driftwood Christmas tree this year - a bit ambitious but if I pull it off I will def do a blog post on it! ;o)

    Ah sweet - my word verification is kisses!

  11. Great decorations-love the gargoyle. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  12. Just been catching up on your blog. I think a lot of us took a bit of a break this past summer, I know I did. Love your Halloween decorations. I don't decorate for any holiday but I especially love to see others Halloween decs.
    Your boys are precious, love their hammocks, I used to have one outside but it has disappeared. That is incredible that your boy got the tattoo on his chest. You must be doing something right.
    Chickory is a lovely flower and how appropriate that it sprang up where it did. Oh yeah, and your birds. Very special. Why else do you name your blog as you do, of course you have a special relationship. Good luck to Choo Choo and the Mrs.

  13. i love what you did! We had a bit of fun outside this year too!


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