Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wildflower or Weed?

This is one of my favorite flowers to look at.  The color in this picture just doesn't give it justice.  It is the most beautiful shade of delicate periwinkle.  Do you know what it is?  Chickory.

When I first saw it growing wild along the roads, Terry would stop and dig a few up and plant them where ever I asked him to in the back yard. Terry did this same routine MANY times with no results.  (Terry is a gem.  How many guys would just say, forget it.  They don't want to grow here. Besides, its a weed!).  Nope, not Terry.  He aims to please.

Finally I gave up.  I just figured it was Nature's way of telling me I should get out.  Take a drive and see all the beauty that Nature wants me to see.

But wait.  What was the tiny bit of blue/purple that I could just barely see when I looked out the window?  
You guessed it.  A little Chickory plant.  A seed dropped by one of my precious birds.  And you will never guess where it is growing....on Jack's grave.  So appropriate.  

Thank you Mother Nature.


  1. I always struggle with what is a weed vs. a wildflower. All the effort that goes into caring for a lawn is not only exhausting but bad for the Chesapeake Bay. It turns out that the way we grow grass...plants packed together and shallow roots so that grass grows like a carpet is not natural at all...and because it's not natural, it requires tons more water and chemicals to keep it that way. I'm happy to say that I have the most "weeds" in my yard in my whole neighborhood...and the animals and birds like my yard best. And the Chesapeake Bay is better off for my dandelions and chicory and clover and oxalis and chickweed...and all those plants have medicinal properties too...Glad to see that Chickory has embraced you, your yard and Jack. And that you embraced it back...

  2. I love so many of the "weeds" that grow wild. Jack and Mother Nature were conspiring to put a smile on your face for sure!

  3. One of my favorite quotes...

    "A weed is a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered." -- Emerson

    I love chickory, and you are right, that photo doesn't do the color justice, but I'm not sure that any would.

    One of my favorite drives has hillsides full of Queen Ann's Lace and Chickory.. and it just takes my breath away every time I see it. Such simple pleasures, huh?

  4. "Flowers" are just weeds that someone decided to cultivate. For instance, roses were originally nothing more than briars that bloom. If it's pretty, you like it, and it grows in your yard then save seeds, cultivate it and make it your flower!

  5. Weed? Or is it a wildflower? or even an herb? The line is always muddied with the plants that dot the roadsides. I know one thing - many "moms" would never know the joy of receiving a spontaneous little bouquet from a tiny hand in summertime if not for those plants.

    My heart jumped when I read that the chicory is growing near Jack.

    Love ya,
    Crissie xoxo

  6. They're flowers... just wild(er). Definitely. And all wild flowers are beautiful. These remind me of my father's property and spring--in spring it's covered in them and what I just discovered is called Queen Anne's lace (even before I saw images of it on Google I had guessed that was it!) and yellow flowers, but they aren't dandelions.
    Isn't it amazing how so many thousand miles apart we fall in love with the same flowers growing wild? :)

  7. Nature's way of weaving a blanket for Jack perhaps?

  8. I think Jack has given you a gift. In fact, I don't think it, I know it. My sister got roses on a bush after our mother died. It was the only time it bloomed. I get to see my precious ones one time in a special dream; I know it's them as it's such a different kind of dream than any other. I know Jack has given you this as a gift so you know he is waiting for you.


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