Tuesday, July 12, 2011

If You Don't Like A Bath, Why Are You In The Tub!?!

On Monday a super storm raged across the Midwest from Minnesota to the East Coast. Some straight line winds reached 85 MPH.  That is blow down trees strength and very scary. I was at work when the sky got black, rain poured down and the wind raged on. 

It seems like since our other two dogs have gone, Junior is acting pretty weird doing things he usually doesn't do like digging holes, pacing, nothing really bad.  Did I say digging holes? But let me back the story up just a little.

Junior has an immune system illness that causes him to have skin yeast infection which causes him to lose hair, have a tough hide where its gone and a distinctive odor.  I have to give him a bath every week in a medicated shampoo which has been keeping it in check.  Junior hates a bath, but has learned to know that if I say he will get a bath, I am dead serious. So is he and he doesn't cave until he knows its hopeless.

Reel forward to yesterday and the storm now. I was at work when the sky got black. Imagine my surprise when I opened a text message from Corey with this picture attached captioned "Junior wants another bath".  Juney was so upset when that storm blew through that he jumped into the bathtub.  That's where Corey found him when Corey woke up.

Corey said "Well that's where they tell you to go if you think a tornado is coming."


  1. Our late dachshund always jumped in the bathtub when she heard thunder and rain. That's no easy feat for a mini-dachshund! It must have seemed secure there.

  2. My old dogs used to sit in the shower thinking it would be cooler on hot days but they've never climbed in the tub. My big dog loves her tot-sized pool but hates getting a bath! He must have been really scared. Thunder storms have my 3 little dogs looking for hiding places. Glad you didn't get a tornado!

  3. Awww...Carol, my second Scottie SkyeBlue was terrified of Thunder Storms. I would find her back behind the toilet hiding. Nothing helped so I just let her sleep there.

  4. poor scared baby...and mama wasn't home...

  5. Such a sweet story, Carol! :-)
    What a smart boy Junior is, and how great that Corey got that photo for you.

    You'll all be talking about this for years to come . . . and smiling at the memory, too.
    :-) xo

  6. OH, how precious Carol! My Garfield kitty used to like to lay in the bathtub. Not during storms, just any old time he felt like it. It was so cute!

    Hugs, Pam

  7. Oh this is hilarious!
    The poor guy looked for some safety!

  8. oh my gosh poor puppy! I love that he went to where you are supposed to go in case of a tornado. Smart dog!

  9. Awww, Junior sure is smart. I bet he associated the tub with your loving hands on him. At that moment, he needed to be near you. How sweet!!

  10. Poor thing, he must have sensed it was safer there :)

  11. He probably felt safe in the tub or maybe he just wanted a bath so he can feel good. They always feel better after a bath and are so happy they start romping. Nice post and funny picture. Take care.


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