Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tester Teeth!

Here I am.
Hair in pony tail.
Sun darkened lens glasses
Maire Dodd Earrings
Flowered hoodie that Corey says look like PJs
and...Tester Teeth.

This was the final step to getting my permanent dentures.
The dentist made a wax mold of my jaws which was fitted for size and several other adjustments that I was very impressed that were made.  This morning I had an appointment for a cosmetic fitting. A check to see if the teeth were the appropriate size and color and if my jaw profile was cosmetically right.

I was pleased with the look and fit. My friend's daughter has been the tech that assisted the my dentist so I had her take a quick pic. Then I signed on the dotted line, and off they went to the lab to be turned into dentures.

One week from today I will have my real Fake Teeth.

Just in case someone that is searching for denture information stumbles on my blog, let me mention one thing. I had temporary false teeth that were meant to be worn until I would get the permanent dentures. They were fine and helpful in the beginning of this journey.  However, as swelling subsided, they became uncomfortable and I just did not want to take the time, effort and expense of having them adjusted.  I have been without even the temps in my mouth for about 3-1/2 months. My jaw muscles hurt without teeth to separate the jaws. It's like the jaws never get to relax and rest.  It is also difficult to talk as the day wears on. I don't really care that I am limited to eating soft foods.  I don't miss eating meat at all, except possibly a Rib Eye Steak.


  1. Carol, they look excellent. Yay!!!You look happy and I'm happy for you too. Wonderful! My brother is having dentures made for him too as well as my sister i/l. Congratulation and don't forget to smile, as a smile increases your face value.:)))) Take care.

  2. the teeth look great! it's amazing what they can do these days with dentures because they can make them look so much more natural than they used to.

  3. Ooooh new gnashers ahoy!!! Not long now. And so nice to 'meet' you ! I don't know why (maybe an old profile pic?) but I thought you were dark haired.

  4. You look very beautiful in the picture--the vision of a perfect mouth! Thank goodness for good teeth--who cares what is 'real' or not...they should just function properly...

  5. so wonderful, almost there, and they look so good too. soon you'll be stitching and beading and blogging about it again.

  6. Carol, you look great--you'll look even better when you finaly get the permanent ones! (Isn't it terrible how our own end up having to be replaced? :( I have to get a couple too, my treatments are killing my roots :( growl...)
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! yeahhhh!!!

  7. you look beautiful - so happy that after this long period of time, you are nearing the end... i can only imagine how uncomfortable your jaw muscles must hurt... any food you are craving? besides the rib eye?!

  8. If the permanent ones look as you, you are all set! :)

  9. Wonderful news! You have had such a long wait and long road getting here. I hope the permanent ones fit wonderfully with no issues. You look great! Hugs!

  10. One week til the rib eye!!!

    They look wonderful Carol. I can't believe how much they look like the real Mccoy...

    I can't believe you've been without teeth for 3.5 months...I bet your jaws ARE tired. Poor girl. One more week seems like nothing.

    You're tough. No doubt about it.

    Happy Mother's Day xo Susan

  11. You look lovely and so natural. I would never guess that you have fake real teeth! I hope the new ones enable you to eat that rib eye steak!

  12. Hello Carol! It's nice seeing that you endured the fight! The teeth look fantastic - keep smiling!!

  13. Hey there, pretty lady!
    You look GORGEOUS! :-D

    So brave and so patient to endure the long wait, but WOW - what a lovely outcome!!

    Terry better keep his eye on you. I know you'd never stray but you'll be hearing the whistles now!


  14. They look so natural. The best I have ever seen.

  15. You look beautiful! Glad you're happy with them - you should definitely give them a Rib Eye road-test :)

  16. Now aren't you just gorgeous! I think rib eye is so in order when you get them! Hugs!

  17. You look very pretty with teeth! I hope these are more comfy and when you get the final ones, that they feel like your own. I didn't realize how much a person goes through to get rid of old teeth for new ones. I have stopped saying I don't want my real ones even if they are too sensitive to everything. Hopefully you are back to eating whatever you desire soon!


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