Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sad Site

Every day there is a new weather condition on the news.  The tornado news overshaddowed the flooding of the Mississippi.  This morning in a CBS news report, the reporter was panning houses in  Memphis while floating on the flood waters.  Honest to God, there was a deer laying on the top of a roof of a house with flood waters threatening to completely cover the house.


  1. It's been horrible the last couple of years hasn't it? My local channel this morning was showing photos of flash flooding to the east of me this morning, one of the folks who used to work here let us all know that his farm (western KY) is under water, and we're expecting more rain starting today and running through mid week next week. We're beginning to wonder if it is ever going to end, and I can't even imagine what those folks out near the Mississippi are thinking.

  2. Very sad, indeed.

  3. The weather has been been so crazy all over the world. It makes me wonder how much all of the different major earthquakes over the last year or so have affected the ocean currents and weather patterns.

    The flooding along the Mississippi river is amazing and can only that those affected will be safe.

  4. I remember reading several years ago that the Mississippi River has changed course every couple hundred years or so and then back again. I wonder if it's weather like this year's that did it. People live in the weather's path (and the animals) and there isn't any way around it. The best thing we can do is plan our homes to withstand what we get locally like stilt houses in flood zones and domes in hurricane areas, fireproof homes in fire areas and so on. At one time we could only build homes pretty much one way but not anymore. It is certainly sad for the people and animals affected each time.


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