Thursday, April 28, 2011

Goodbye Buddy.

We said goodbye to a friend yesterday.
He was Junior's brother.
I remember when the kids would call us in the morning before school to help them get him back in the house. He liked to run out the door and go to visit the workers in the factory down the road.
He knew how to make the water from the cooler come out so he could drink from the tray.
He knew how to turn door knobs to let himself out.
He woke Laurie up in the middle of the night because he wanted a cookie.
He loved everyone especially Ky and Laurie.
We always waited at the door about 5 minutes before Laurie got home.  How did he know?
She called him "Big Dog".


  1. I am so sorry Carol, I know how much they become a part of our family, and it hurts just as much when they leave us.

  2. You are so right June. Buddy was Laurie and Ky's dog and had so much personality. He was that "special" dog for Laurie and I don't think she will ever have another dog. A cat maybe, but not a dog.

  3. it's sad that they have no idea how much of an imprint they leave on our hearts and lives. so very sorry for you, Carol.

  4. Oh I have an aching heart for you all. I know what it is like to have such a special friend that they fill your heart and it breaks when they are gone. Sending Love and Hugs!

  5. A pet is part of the family, and they leave paw prints on our hearts and minds. May memories comfort you and your family. I'm thinking about you and Buddy today!

  6. I'm so sorry for the loss of your beloved pet, Carol... my heart goes out to you all. A wise lady once told me to remember the good days and times spent with them. Gentle hugs to you all.

  7. Dear Carol, Laurie, and Ky,
    I'm so sad to hear about Buddy. Words are not much help at such a time, but I hope you might find some comfort in this quote . . .

    "Perhaps they are not the stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through, and shines down upon us to let us know that they are happy."

    Sending many hugs to all of the family,


  8. Sorry to hear about your loss! He is in a better place right now!

  9. so very, very sad to lose a dog, i know it only too well.

  10. It's so hard to say goodbye to dogs who are the best of all friends. They know and love us in spite of ourselves and call on the best of us to come out. So loved by our dogs, it's so hard when they leave us. We can only hope we've loved them as much as they've loved us. Take care, all of you. I hope lots more memories than the ones you've shared come forth as you all think about him.

  11. So sorry, Carol, to hear of the loss of Big Dog. What an imprint he has left on your hearts...and now mine!

    Much love,

  12. What a spirit Buddy has and what a wise soul. It's so hard to lose a loved one..sending much love to your home...xo, dear Carol...Susan

  13. Oh, Carol! I'm so sorry :(
    Pets add so much joy to our lives and they are missed forever when they leave us.


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