Monday, April 25, 2011

Falsie Flower

Fake Flowers have been popular for a while now, but you know the takes a while for fashion fads to hit. (They're really called Shabby Chic Flowers, but I call mine Falsie Flowers).   Anyway, when I saw a fabric flower on a military jacket, I loved the look.  Then I noticed one on the strap of a great purse. I started playing around a little bit with making flowers.  I haven't yet hit the one I want for the jacket I bought, but this one is really pretty and it looks great on my black sweater.

I'm going to putz around with more.  I have a couple of old denium shirts that I wore to death and I think their soft worn fabric will be great.


  1. pretty flower! hope you show more as you make them.

  2. Congratulations Carol! You're winner of my Crazy Quilt Cat Doll!

    Please email me with your address so I can send your kitty to you right away!


  3. these are wonderful! and the denim sounds like it is going to be a great addition... i love the one your made... please share your blossoms as they bloom!

  4. Pretty clever and creative, also lovely! I'm sure you will find just the right place for it.

  5. Beautiful Flower Carol and congrat on winning the crazy quilt cat doll. Yay! I have never been able to make flowers and I also have a hard time painting them. You've done a great job. Have a great week.

  6. Well for crying out loud!
    I am going to fire my feed reader.
    It's not updating - I JUST got the message that you had a new post! Jeepers!!!!

    OMG, Carol!!!
    Your flower so pretty!!!! I absolutely love it, and I can imagine that one in denim will be gorgeous, too! :-)

    Now you have me thinking flowers... but I'm in the middle of a crochet project....

    Hours!!!! I need hours!!!

    xoxo ;-)

  7. I LOVE the flower you made, Carol! I must try one with a lovely print fabric (and in those colors!) - much prettier than the ones I made in CT. And congrats on winning Pam’s CQ cat! You’re a lucky contest winner, aren’t you?? Hugs, Cathy

  8. This is really pretty. I think a bouquet of them would look nice. Can't wait to see what the denim ones look like.

  9. Oh a denim flower! I have to see that! I love embellishing shirts too but I will say this flower makes a great statement!

  10. Wow!This is fabulous!
    As I am mad about fabric flowers this looks so inspiring!

  11. Very pretty and would look nice no matter how you use it - on clothing or purses. Have fun with them.

  12. Wow, your flower is so pretty! I love it! I wish I could give it a try but right now I've got too many WiP as it is lol... And yes, the peachy pink sweater is knitted (just plain jersey stitch, as it's a "busy" yarn).
    Thank you for stopping by at my place and hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!


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