Saturday, January 1, 2011

Po Po Po Poker Face!?!!

How did  YOU spend New Years Eve?

This is my youngest grandson. We decided to stay in New Years Eve with the kids and their friends and play cards. Ky is our resident comedian.  He also LOVES hats and has one for every occasion ~ and the collection continues to grow.

We were playing Tripoly.  If you don't know the game, our version starts off with a round of poker.  When Ky sat down to his place at the table we all roared when he told us this was his Poker Face.

We all had a great time and laughed more than we have in a long time.  We had plenty to eat  and  great music.  Our neighbors provided plenty of fireworks and big boomers at the stroke of midnight.

The kids are still talking about what a great time everyone had.  I think we can expect plenty more card nights in our future.


  1. that is wonderful! happy new year!

  2. Wonderful way to spend New Year's Eve! I love Ky's Poker Face :)

  3. Love Ky's New Year's attire and his sense of humor!!


  4. very informative and interesting blog.
    Thanks for sharing:-)


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