Thursday, December 30, 2010

Inspiration at the....MALL????

Corey is taking Driver's Ed. The classroom is in a room at the mall. Since I was off on Monday, he drove me there. At $3.19 for a gallon of gas, I decided to stay there and wait for him. I never get any time to just browse around the mall by myself. Well, 3 hours was a little much, but I toughed it out ~ lol~.

I spent an hour in JoAnn Fabric walking up and down the aisles looking at everything there. I bought some clearance fabric and a new book. Then I mosied down to JC Penny. I never go there anymore. Their prices are a little steep for me. Its not that they are expensive, its just that I don't really need anything so I am pretty selective in what I spend my money on. But could you please tell me how a purse that isn't even leather is $70. Not just . A. purse, but almost every one was $70 or more. But I did notice the new styles and spent quite a bit of time looking at the jewelry. I went to several other stores browsing in the same manner. I got a lot of ideas and still had time to relax and look at my new book until Corey's class was done. It was time well spent.


  1. Hi Carol. Sounds like it was a nice time. You are right, everything is just too darn expensive! I really don't like buying stuff, but of course I do. Just stopped by to say Happy New Years to you and yours. Take care, be safe, and enjoy. Look forward to reading your posts next year. I have one more post to do tomorrow and that's it! Bring on the new year! Take care.

  2. It sounds like a good time to me...your own time, no needs, just looking. And in the case of the $70 purses?
    Let the ones who have money to burn buy them...then go to the resale shops near there & find all the great stuff those people are tired of & buy them for mere dollars!! :-)
    It's a good thing!
    Have a wonderful, happy, safe, healthy and
    fun New Year cyber friend...
    see ya in 2011!
    Big Hugs!
    Debi W.

  3. hi Carol, i find those expensive shops are full of free inspiration ideas, if only they knew! they'd charge me to enter the door. hgz for 2011 my friend, k.

  4. Hi Carol. Just wanted to let you know you are a winner in my bangle giveaway. Please email me your postal and I will get it out to you next week. Congrats! Enjoy your new year.

  5. You've described one of my favorite ways to spend a couple of hours!

    Window shopping, gathering inspiration and new ideas, and bumping into something fun on clearance - pure joy! LOL

  6. That's funny - I was looking at purses about a month ago and thinking of buying a new one. I thought the same thing you did though! I'm still using the old one...


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