Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Terry Got a New Toy

Can you see his mustache flying?

John Deere says to cut in high gear!

We won't have to ask Ky twice to cut the grass!!


  1. Woo hoo! Lucky guy!

    I better not show this to DH or he'll be pretty jealous.

    Don't most guys want either a Harley, a Corvette, or a John Deere?

    Or maybe all three?

    xoxo :-)

  2. Oh how cool! I bet he loves that! I'm the one that mows here so that would just be so great to get something like that!! That would definitely be one way to get the horses moving around in the pasture LOL! Go out to cut the weeds down and work out the horses!

    Before the youngest had his DL and a car to take off in... he would ask if the grass needed mowed yet so he could go use the riding mower :)

  3. That's a different looking mower. Men and their toys - my husband even has a ride-around mower but he uses it more for hauling things around the property but it gets one whack at mowing the weeds once each spring. So who has more fun with it, your husband or grandson?

  4. Nice blog I am glad I came to visit! Looks like too much fun on that!

  5. It looks like they're having too much fun with that!

  6. Oh Boy...he's one lucky man! I think that's just about every guys dream to have one of those things! xo Paulette

  7. Oh, a John Deere, how awesome!!! We've been talking about it for years and it hasn't happened yet! ;-) I bet there is no hesitation in getting the lawn mowed now. How fun! XOX


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